Yelp Actively Deceiving Women In Crisis

Why are big corporations tipping the scales against pregnancy resource centers? What do they stand to gain?

Crisis Pregnancy Centers also known as Pregnancy Resource Centers are places where pro-life volunteers provide answers, an ear of comfort and options for pregnant women in need. CPCs also provide emotional support and resources that make the difference for a woman in crisis.

Why, other than allegiance to blind cultural marxism, would big corporations and the Democrat party be against these centers?

Recently, a group of 16 Attorney Generals sent a message to Google warning the Big Tech behemoth not to censor CPC’s.

One of the most vocal opponents of CPC’s has been Massachusetts leftist Senator Elizabeth Warren who has accused the non-profit help centers of engaging in false advertising practices.

In this brilliant parody, the Blaze’s Allie Beth Stuckey imitates Elizabeth Warren “exposing” a pregnancy resource center. Enjoy!

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