Wisconsin Governor Calls Special Session to Abolish 173 year old Pro-Life Law

Wisconsin Governor tries to abolish the Badger State’s protection for the right to life.

Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor Tony Evers announced yesterday that he will be calling a special session of the Wisconsin legislature back to the capitol in Madison to try to abolish a pro-life law that protects babies in the womb from the moment of conception.

This is not the first time the anti-life Wisconsin governor has attempted to abolish this pro-life law. In June of this year, just days before the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe and Casey and ruled that there is no constitutional right to abortion, Governor Evers tried unsuccessfully to get a special session of the legislature to abolish the pro-life law. Sec. 940.04 is a law that dates to the earliest days of Wisconsin statehood and was lobbied for by the founder of American gynecology, Dr. Horatio Storer and other early American Medical Association members.

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“Fight Like Hell” or “Fight For Hell”?

Interestingly, the language that Governor Evers is using in the above mentioned tweet, stating that he will “fight like hell“, is the exact language being used by his fellow Democrat Governors to the East, Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer and New York’s Kathy Hochul. Ironically, the hellish language is both fitting for the act of dismembering a baby in her mother’s womb and must be polling well with Democrats across the nation.

Political Stunt Against GOP Controlled Legislature

Wisconsin has a large majority of Republicans in both chambers of the legislature so the call for a special session seems to be little more than a political move to try to hurt Republicans through the collusion of Democrat operatives with their friends in the media who have been coordinating a drumbeat of anti-life messaging against any pro-life laws.

However, because Wisconsin not only has an anti-life state governor, but also an anti-life state attorney general, they are simultaneously battling against the pro-life law in the capitol and in the courts.

The Attorney General has launched his own attack against the pro-life law. That litigation is currently in a district court but is expected to be appealed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Will Decide in the End

Wisconsin currently has a divided supreme court with a 4-3 conservative majority. Justice Patience Roggensack will not seek reelection to another 10 year term when it expires in 2023. This means that the balance of the court in the Badger State will depend on the result of the 2023 election.

Conservative judge Dan Kelly, who was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2016, but did not win reelection in 2020, is running again.

Local 100% pro-life organization Pro-Life Wisconsin released this statement on the governor’s renewed push to abolish the pro-life law.

Governor Tony Evers is seeking reelection in 2022 and will be facing Republican Tim Michaels.

Tim Michaels has been outspoken about both his pro-life stance and his support of the Wisconsin pro-life law that Governor Evers is trying desperately to abolish.

Republican Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin Tim Michaels on Abortion

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