West Virginia Legislature Passes Abortion Ban With Exceptions

The West Virginia legislature passed an abortion ban with exceptions on Wednesday. The bill is on Governor Jim Justice’s desk now.

The West Virginia legislature passed an abortion ban that will protect the right to life of innocent human beings from conception but which will still allow children conceived in rape and incest and children with severe disabilities to be legally killed by abortion. Read more about the exceptions in our previous article on this bill.

The House had passed the bill in July by a wide 69-23 margin and it just passed the Senate yesterday by a 22-7 with five abstentions vote. The House then approved the Senate’s amended bill by 77-17.

The bill now goes to the desk of Republican Governor Jim Justice who called the special session of the legislature to deal with the aftermath of the Dobbs decision.

Stay tuned for updates when the bill is signed into law by Governor Justice.

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