“Very Devout Catholic” President Biden Ratchets Up War on the Unborn

Joe Biden gives more tax payer funds to Planned Parenthood and tries to undermine pro-life states using federal agencies.

Marking the 100 day mark since the US Supreme Court overturned the “right” to abortion, President Joe Biden announced a pair of Big Government programs intended to undermine the US Supreme Court’s ruling that abortion is a state matter.

Pro-Abortion Federal Guidances Issued

Mr. Biden, with Kamala Harris and a team of pro-abortion activists sitting by his side announced on Tuesday two new initiatives to promote the killing of preborn children.

The first, is a guidance from the Department of Education on its face pretends to reiterate the Title IX law that prevents students from being excluded from educational programs based on being pregnant or on undergoing an abortion. But in reality, the guidance from the department of education is targeting schools in states like Texas that have stopped including abortion as a medical benefit.

Schools must treat pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, and recovery therefrom the same as any other temporary disability with respect to any hospital or medical benefit, service, plan, or policy for students.

Department of Education Guidance

Even More Millions for Planned Parenthood

The second measure announced by the pro-abortion Biden admin was a seven figure tax payer funded grant for “Reproductive Health and Family Planning Services Research.”

The largest single “family planning” grant was awarded to Planned Parenthood’s research arm, the Guttmacher Institute.

Planned Parenthood already receives over 630 million dollars from the American tax-payer according to their own reports. Their total reported budget is nearly 1.5 billion dollars annually.

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