University of Southern California, Disney and Google Partner to Fund Pro-Abortion Student Films

In 2015, Google changed its original company motto from “don’t be evil” to “do the right thing.” Given their atheistic worldview, the word “evil”, must have made the technological monopolists feel uncomfortable.

What is absolutely clear is that “the right thing,” for Google, includes promoting abortion and suppressing pro-lifers. This is a big reason, another one being basic privacy, that people should stop using Google products such as Gmail and Google’s search engine.

Focus on the family’s online magazine, The Daily Citizen, wrote a detailed piece showing examples of how the tech giant manipulates search results and other functions. Google also has directly banned pro-life organizations such as Live Action from advertising.

From Manipulating Searches to Funding Pro-Abortion Films

Google and other anti-life corporate giants have turned up the pressure since the supreme court issued the Dobbs decision returning the power to protect the right to life of the preborn child to the states.

Last month the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative announced a new grant for aspiring anti-life filmmakers to make pro-abortion propaganda. Three young pro-aborts will each be given $25,000 to promote abortion through their stories.

Along with the usual long list of Hollywood entertainment celebs, the main sponsors of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative’s “Reproductive Rights Accelerator” program are Google, Disney, NBC Universal, Sony, and others.

Big Hollywood and Big Tech Team up to promote abortion.
Big Hollywood and Big Tech Team up to promote abortion.

Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood, who has a full time staffer devoted to promoting abortion in the entertainment industry, poured glowing praise on this initiative. Caren Spruch, who, for the last 27 years has been the National Director of Arts and Entertainment Engagement for Planned Parenthood, issued a press release that sheds some light into the inner workings of the intentional corruption of morals emanating from Hollywood.

"The entertainment community plays a critical role in educating people about their sexual and reproductive health and rights, including abortion.  With Roe v. Wade overturned and birth control, LGBQT+ and other rights threatened, this new Annenberg Inclusion Initiative project will provide an invaluable tool to ensure audiences are reached with medically and legislatively accurate storytelling about these issues."

Axis of Evil

The “Reproductive Rights Accelerator” grant from USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative is a perfect illustration of the powerful axis of evil and it’s promoters.

On of the members of this Axis of Evil is Big Education. In this case, the education partner is one of the premier entertainment industry feeder schools in the nation, the conveniently located University of Southern California, a privately funded university in Los Angeles, California, with 50,000 students and a 6.2 billion dollar annual budget. And yes, that comes out to about $125,000 per student.

Another important element is of course the entertainment industry itself. Sony, Disney, NBC Universal and a slew of stars and starlets willingly lend their treasure and talent to this campaign to create abortion propaganda that streams right onto everyone’s phone, tablet, TV etc… That these companies and people despise the worldview of many if not most of their client base seems to bother them not even a little, in fact, they see the re-education of the proletariat masses as part of their mission.

Then there is Planned Parenthood, which receives over $500 Million of taxpayer funds every year and is the leading killer of preborn babies in the world.

All of these, plus friendly politicians, like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the Obamas etc., make for very powerful enemies.

How to Defeat the Axis of Evil?

I had the chance to meet the Brazilian conservative philosopher Olavo de Carvalho before he passed away this year in Richmond, Virginia. While I was there to talk about the left’s threat to Latin-American cultural norms, among them the right to life and the family, he left me with some pearls of general anti-communist wisdom. He stated in unequivocal terms that the left had to be attacked mercilessly and directly, we must not attempt to finesse our way around things.

At the time the advice struck me as overly aggressive, after all I have loved ones, family and friends who are leftists. However, when we consider the issue not from a personal and individual perspective but from a political and ideological one, Olavo was 100% correct.

How can the bloody dismemberment of a child in the womb be countered with sophistry? How can the dehumanization of the preborn child, literally making them to be non-human beings, be grounds for a rational debate?

The reality is that abortion, like other intrinsic evils (child abuse, rape, slavery) has to be unequivocally condemned, exposed, and eradicated. To do so, those who willingly promote it must likewise be exposed, condemned and expelled from civil society altogether.

The only quarter given to proponents of abortion is what is given to all promoters of repugnant and offensive hate speech, and is limited to basic constitutional guarantees of free speech. However, the second that speech becomes tied to incitement to action (incitement, true threats or fighting words) then it should be punished severely.

This is a far cry from the modern pro-life movement and may be considered radical, but think of the dismemberd bloody bodies of the babies. Think of the young people being brainwashed into thinking that if only they murder their preborn child, their problems will go away. Think of your young child in school being told mutilating themselves permanently may be the answer to their normal growing pains.

No, it is about time that the pro-life movement got serious about rejecting the anti-life movement.

This does not mean using violence, but it does mean getting rid of our passivity.

As this article shows, the anti-life left is well funded and has infiltrated our mainstream cultural institutions of education, entertainment, government and business.

It is time to get serious about calling these institutions and these actors what they are.


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