United States Diplomats Push Abortion, Gender Ideology, and Equity and Inclusion in WHO Pandemic Treaty

The lead negotiator for the United States in the upcoming WHO Pandemic Treaty, Pamela Hamamoto is an “expert” in gender studies and spent ten years as an investment banker for Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch before joining the Obama administration.

Ms. Hamamoto exemplifies the coming together of corporate business interests and far-left causes such as abortion and transgenderism that threatens to destroy self-governing institutions in the post-pandemic world.

On February 27, Ms. Hamamoto issued a truly Orwellian statement on behalf of the Biden administration which called for abortion to be included in the key “prevention and preparedness” items of the new pandemic treaty.

The item being discussed by Ms. Hamamoto and other international diplomats is a new treaty being proposed in the multilateral bodies known as the WHO CA+ treaty that would govern the world’s response to possible new pandemics.

While European nations maintained the need for transparency in the treaty drafting and implementation process, the United States’ diplomatic mission insisted on a much more exclusive and secretive reliance on, not surprisingly the private sector (read big banks and big pharma) and civil society (read the Open Society Foundation and Bill Gates’ Foundations).

External stakeholder involvement is critical as a stronger PPR architecture will depend on their expertise and commitment. The INB should encourage inclusive solutions that leverage key stakeholders, such as the private sector and civil society.

In addition to the typical diplomatic babble is a new virulent strain of woke ideology which includes gender bending policies, abortion, and marxist ideological cues such as “equity and inclusion.”

We appreciate the focus on equity in Chapter III but also agree it must be better integrated across the draft. Our work must be inclusive and applicable for the improved health and wellbeing of all people. A commitment to “equity” must address inequities not only between countries, but also within them. Not just protecting populations from pandemics – but also from illness, death, and disrupted access to essential health care services during pandemics, including sexual and reproductive health services.

Ms. Hamamoto statement on behalf of the United States

Meanwhile in Washington DC, a group of Senators is drafting a resolution to warn the Biden administration not to attempt to pass the treaty without the approval of the Senate. There is substantial fear in Washington DC that the Biden administration, which is staffed almost exclusively with Obama administration operatives, will attempt to do what President Obama did with the Paris accord on climate change, foregoing the US Senate to attempt to bind the United States to foreign laws without proper approval by the US Senate, which is constitutionally required.

In addition to the ideological commitment to abortion, gender bending and equity and inclusion, the WHO Pandemic treaty not only does not address the terrible record of the WHO when it comes to holding China accountable for disseminating the COVID pandemic but appears to also call for further crackdowns on free speech in the name of combating misinformation and disinformation.

In essence the WHO CA+ “treaty” will undermine American sovereignty and put even more power into the hands of multinational corporations and NGO’s, rewarding the very actors who failed to hold China accountable, covered up the true origins of the COVID pandemic with a massive amount of fixed spending that would put tens of billions of US dollars into the pockets of globalist elites intent on suppressing local governance.

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