UK Police Crack Down on Prayer

UK Prayer Police

For the second time in the last month, social media is abuzz with surreal videos of police harassing and even arresting peaceful prayer outside of abortion centers.

The first arrest happened shortly before Christmas, when local police arrested Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, who is the director of the U.K. March for Life for silently praying outside of an abortion clinic.

In the latest Orwellian episode to come out of the United Kingdom, Adam Smith-Connor was approached by “community safety accredited officers” as he was praying on the sidewalk in front of an abortion clinic where his preborn son had been killed.

Video footage shows the council officers asking what he was doing. Smith-Connor informed them that he was “praying for my son, who is deceased” to which the officers respond by informing him that certain activities, namely prayer, is prohibited.

In the United States, the abortion industry and their allies in the Biden Justice Department have also persecuted peaceful prayer outside of abortion centers, going so far as to use SWAT teams to execute early morning raids on peaceful protesters who were guilty of nothing more than praying and disagreeing with the Biden administration’s love of abortion.

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