Biden Signs Executive Order to Secure Abortion Travel & Fund Medicaid Abortions

President Biden continued his aggressive campaign to promote the killing of preborn children by signing an executive order which will “pave the way” for using tax payer funds to pay for abortions.

The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funds from covering abortion services for people enrolled in Medicaid, Medicare and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

The facts

Polls consistently show that Americans oppose forcing taxpayers to fund abortion-on-demand. A strong majority of all Americans — including two-thirds of registered independents and 31% of Democrats — oppose federal funding of abortion, according to the most recent Marist/Knights of Columbus poll released in January. (Even stronger majorities — 77% of Americans and 55% of Democrats — oppose taxpayer funding for abortions overseas.) Source: DailyCaller

Biden: Catholic in Name Only

President Joe Biden, who describes himself as a “very devout Catholic” nevertheless employ an aggressive strategy to promote the legalization of killing children before they are born.

Pope Francis and other liberal Catholics have stated they do not wish to politicize the eucharist. But beyond the question of the reception of Holy Communion, how can a man who promotes the murder of innocent children in the womb remain a Catholic in good standing?

If aggressively advocating to kill children in the womb is not a cause for expulsion or excommunication from the Catholic church, then what is?

Does the church allow unrepentant mass murderers to be Catholics in good standing?

Judging by Pope Francis’ and many American prelates, the answer appears to be that there is nothing that warrants excommunication or public reprimand.

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