Trans Activist Burns Down Historic Portland Church Amidst Media Blackout

A 117 year old church in downtown Portland was burned down by trans activist Cameron David Storer who goes by the name of Nicolette Fait.

Thankfully the no people were injured as the church had been abandoned years ago.

Putting out the fire did require 12 fire engines and the work of 75 fire fighters who put their lives on the line to prevent the flames from spreading throughout the neighborhood.

Besides the NY Post, who printed a story from the intrepid Portland reporter Andy Ngo, no major media outlets covered the story.

According to police records, Mr. Cameron turned himself in to the police and confessed to the burning of the building after hearing voices in his head telling him that he must burn the church down or be mutilated.

Both the police records and Mr. Ngo’s article use gender affirming female pronouns to describe the 27 year old mentally ill arsonist.

Attacks on churches have been rampant and have met with little to no response from federal law enforcement agencies who instead have deployed a dragnet to go after political protesters and pro-life prayer warriors.

One of the legal tools being used by federal authorities, the FACE Act, prohibits attacks and blockades of abortion clinics and places of worship, but the DOJ only uses the act to persecute pro-lifers.

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