Top Pro-Life Stories of 2022

The year of our Lord 2022 has been one for the history books!

War has broken out in Europe, federal law enforcement has persecuted Christians in the United States while anti-Christian tyrants have persecuted Christians in Africa and Asia, and to top it all off inflation and a weak economy has put a tremendous stress on many families.

And yet we have many more reasons to rejoice and be glad!

1. Roe v. Wade Overturned

The scourge that was Roe v. Wade was finally tossed into the ash heap of history by the United States Supreme Court. Tens of thousands of babies are alive today because Roe v. Wade is no more. While there is still much work to be done, pro-life efforts at the state and local levels will no longer be stopped by federal courts.

2. Texas Takes the Fight to the Biden Admin and Wins!

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, apostate president Joe Biden moved to use the full power of the federal government to crush states that decided to defend the right to life of the preborn. A dozen states sought enforcement of their existing abortion bans and were immediately met with fierce criticism from the national main stream media, lawsuits from the well funded abortion industry, and a full court press from the White House.

Still, in one case after another, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton fought the abortionists and won!

Honorable mention must go to the Attorney Generals of Oklahoma, John O’Connor and Louisiana, Jeff Landry, who both took decisive actions to enforce existing pro-life legislation.

3. Pro-Lifers Prevail in State Supreme Court Elections

After the Dobbs decision overturned Roe v. Wade, the legal battles immediately switched over the state supreme courts. Abortionists at the radical Center for Reproductive Rights unveiled a strategy which they immediately moved to implement. It entails fighting state by state to replace the judicial activism of Roe v. Wade with a state court version that finds a constitutional right to abortion under the state, as opposed to the federal, constitution.

The highest stakes state judicial elections in 2022 were undoubtedly those in Ohio, where the balance of the court would be decided by the results of the election.

Thankfully, the people of Ohio gave pro-lifers a clean sweep over their pro-abortion rivals.


One of the most important elections for prolifers was Ohio’s three openings to the Supreme Court, where pro-life Republicans hold a one member majority that will be deciding important cases on abortion.

All three seats were won by the Republican judges, Sharon Kennedy, Pat Fischer and Pat DeWine, giving pro-lifers in Ohio the hope (not the certainty) that the court will not invalidate their current and future pro-life laws.

4. Sanctuary Cities for the Preborn Movement Heats Up

No part. of the pro-life movement is as dynamic and energized as the movement for local cities, towns and counties to protect children under their local police powers. This movement, known as the Sanctuary City for the Preborn or Safe City movement is racking up victories in post Roe America as local citizens stand up for life.

5. Pro-Abortion Mega Donor SBF Goes to Prison

In 2022, one man sought to compete with George Soros for the position of most evil billionaire in the world. Sam Bankman-Fried, a cryptocurrency fraudster, bankrolled a large part of Michigan’s Pro-Abortion Constitutional amendment campaign as a way to influence Michigan legislators and get them to introduce legislation favorable to the young billionaire’s interests.

Thankfully, Sam Bankman-Fried was exposed by industry insiders and his ponzi fraud came tumbling down all around him. He is now facing over a hundred years in jail for financial crimes. Because of his incredible political donations, it remains to be seen if he will actually be convicted and serve the sentences, but for now, his arrest is good news and apt retribution for funding the killing of the preborn and the defrauding of millions of people.


  1. We must place more emphasis on the conscience of using chemical contraceptives.
    If there are 80 million fertile women in the US and 10% are using chemical contraceptives that means 8 million women who ovulate 12.times a year are exposing 96 million innocents to a chemical death. Big. pharma brags that their poison is 85% effective! Somewhere between zero and 96 million that God is very displeased. Actually, my numbers are conservative!
    God has given us a challenge as most of the women think a chemical contraceptive prevents a pregnancy when it actually terminates a pregnancy .
    God bless. You for all that you do!
    Yours in Christ,

  2. We are so sad for Father Pavone’s treatment from his church.
    While pondering on this situation I was reminded that the religious groups of Jesus’time were so aggravated that they killed Him.
    We pray for strength and courage for our Father Pavone during this time of persecutions.
    Children are a gift from God. It is God’s will to fight for their lives. This is what Father Pavone is doing.
    May his situation work to bring more pro-lifers to join in to defend the babies in the wound.

  3. I like to say that I have been a prolife supporter and activist as I get angry that a baby gets put to death by abortions. As to say doesn’t matter where the baby comes from a baby deserves to be born and alive. As a uncle of eleven years I can say that two months my mom passed away of cancer after fighting it for only ten months. Two months later my nephew Colin was born and I can say my sister went through a tough marriage than a divorce. Regardless of the situation between my sister and her then and sadly later on ex husband I helped to care for my nephew while I feed him, played with him, changed his diaper and held him and I can say it felt special to me as a uncle and nephew then he became a toddler and I bought him toys, pull ups and clothes and games. Now he turned eleven and I am proud of how things turned out between us in a relationship. As I can say when my time of being a dad comes I will again repeat my baby care giving and my nephew Colin may be in high school or college by the time my kid comes and will help me with his little cousin. I can say why should a baby be put to death for what joy they can bring into a life or maybe another person’s life and make them a family for those that want one.

  4. Let me know when the Sanctity of life video by Dr Lile comes out.
    Merry Christmas!!

  5. My wife and I have been in the prolife business for 50 years now.

    Things are worse now then when abortions started in 1973.

    I think we need to show graphic pictures of actual abortions so that people will get shaken up to stop this grotesque business.

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