The Nazi and Communist History of CVS and Walgreens’ Abortion Pill

Major pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens are facing mounting protests as they prepare start selling the abortion drug RU-486.

While pro-abortion media, aided by Big Tech, are parroting the false stories that state that RU-486 is safer than Tylenol, the truth is that reliable medical studies show that RU-486 is up to 400% more likely to result in serious complications than surgical abortions to the mother.

Of course, the abortion drug is almost always lethal to the developing baby.

Just recently, a Canadian 19 year old woman and her preborn baby died from septic shock after taking RU-486, but the mainstream media continues to push the story that the abortion drug is safe.

The reality is that RU-486, also called the abortion pill or Mifepristone, is a deadly poison developed by European pharmaceuticals with a dark history.

RU-486: Brought to You by Same Company that Made Zyklon B

During the Nazi Holocaust, approximately 1.1 million innocent human beings were murdered in the Nazi concentration camp gas chambers using a gas called Zyklon B.

Originally developed as an insecticide used for fumigation, the German government formed the Degesh corporation to investigate the military use of the chemical Hydrogen cyanide after World War I. During the war, Hydrogen cyanide had been used first by the French and then by other nations, but was found to be ineffective due to how easily it dispersed.

In 1922, the German Gold and Silver Refinery (Degussa) bought Degesh. At Degussa, a young German chemist named Bruno Tesch, along with others, began working on developing Hydrogen Cyanide in modified forms to create a fumigation agent for clothing, vehicles, buildings and plants. In 1930, Degussa sold nearly half of its interest in Degesh to German pharmaceutical conglomerate IG Farben.

It would later be proven in the famous IG Farben trial that the company was aware of the genocidal use of Degesh’s product Zyklon B but took the incredibly high dividends and looked the other way.

Alongside its criminal production and sale of Zyklon B, IG Farben also built a production plant adjacent to the concentration camp at Auschwitz.

While most of the executives of IG Farben received relatively light sentences, Zyklon B’s co-inventor and chief producer, Bruno Tesch would be tried and sentenced to hanging. Although he claimed ignorance of the genocidal use of his chemicals, evidence from several witnesses proved that he had aided the SS in the use of Zyklon B and had arranged sales directly to the SS for the purpose of murdering prisoners.

According to the New York Times, I.G. Farben played so important a role in Hitler’s war machine and in the Holocaust that it came to be called ”the devil’s chemist.”

Bruno Tesch (right) during his trial.

The Devil’s Chemist Strikes Again: RU-486, the abortion pill

RU-486 was originally developed by the French pharmaceutical company Roussel Uclaf, the French company is a subsidiary of the German pharmaceutical company Hoechst.

Amazingly, Hoechst is nothing more than a rebranded successor to the infamous IG Farben, the very same company that profited from the sale of Zyklon B and the murder of innocent people at the hands of the Nazis.

As if that was not evil enough, the history of the abortion pill in the United States also involves America’s greatest mordern adversary, the Chinese Communist Party.

CCP Pharmacutical Eager to Profit from Killing American Babies

On 16 May 1994, Roussel-Uclaf, the owner of the patent for the abortion drug, announced it was donating without remuneration all rights for medical uses of mifepristone in the United States to the eugenicist Population Council, which subsequently licensed mifepristone to Danco Laboratories.

In the United States, the abortion lobby had figured out a way to make the manufacturer of the abortion pill immune to the pro-life boycotts and protests; simply create a new single-product private company immune to antiabortion boycotts.

Danco laboratories won FDA approval to distribute the abortion drug as Mifeprex on 28 September 2000.

Even after the FDA approved the abortion pill, the controversy was so great in the United States, that no US manufacturers could be found to make the deadly poison. That is when Danco, with the help of the FDA, and the eugenicist Rockefeller Foundation decided to contract out the manufacture of the deadly poisons for the US Market to the Communist-owned pharmaceutical company Hua Lian Pharmaceutical Company of Shanghai.

The Hua Lian Pharmaceutical company would eventually be shut down for making tainted leukemia drugs that resulted in numerous injuries.

With the latest push from the Biden administration, the genocidal past of pharmaceuticals used for the extermination of human beings, along with the geopolitical warfare waged by the Chinese Communist Party against the United States is coming to a pharmacy near you.

Please go here to get involved in the campaign to stop CVS and Walgreens from carrying this deadly drug with its sordid past and present, into our neighborhoods.

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