Why are Texas and Florida Booming?

Social conservative states are booming despite Big Corp and Big Business wokeness
Texas and Florida are booming

Woke politics seem to have taken corporate boardrooms by storm. From pushing gender ideology and celebrating “Pride” month, to making threats to pull out of pro-life states or pay for abortion travel, American corporations seem to have fully embraced social engineering and culture war controversy.

Led by Big Tech and Big Finance, American corporations like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Citi and JP Morgan Chase are aggressively leading the attempt to reshape American social values.

But several states have bucked the trend and stood up to Big Corp; most notably, Florida and Texas.

Florida, which has no state personal income tax and led the charge to remain open during the pandemic has seen a flood of businesses and people moving to the Sunshine State.

Florida and Texas have been so successful at attracting new citizens and businesses away from liberal states that liberal governor par excellence, Gavin Newsom, launched campaigns against his fellow governors and against the states themselves.

Nevertheless, Bloomberg concludes that “if Texas is a test for how socially conservative states will fare economically in the post-Roe world, then they’ll hold up just fine.

We at American ProLifer would go one step further and state unequivocally that the reason Texas and Florida are booming economically is that they have emphasized the need for a balanced blend of freedom and the promotion of social conservative values.

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