Texas AG Sues Biden Admin to Keep the Deadly Abortion Pill Out of TX

Texas' Attorney General, Ken Paxton, is taking the Biden admin to federal court to block HHS from forcing Texas pharmacies to dispense the deadly abortion pill.
Screen capture of LiveAction’s petition to stop major US pharmacies from selling the abortion pill

Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton is emerging as the nation’s premier defender of life against the full frontal assault being waged by the Biden administration against the right to life.

On Tuesday, Mr. Paxton sued Xavier Becerra, the Biden cabinet level official in charge of the Department of Health and Human Services over a directive issued in July of 2022 aimed at forcing local pharmacies in pro-life states to dispense the deadly abortion pill.

The complaint summarizes the case in the first paragraph and calls the Biden administration’s pro-abortion moves a “war against Dobbs v. Jackson”, the seminal 2022 decision that overturned Roe v. Wade:

The Biden Administration has repeatedly attempted to impose through executive fiat a
federal right to abortion that does not exist. In the Administration’s war against Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, Defendants have issued a “guidance” document and associated press release that, if allowed to remain effective, require pharmacies to dispense abortion-inducing drugs in violation of State law (collectively, the “Pharmacy Mandate”)—purportedly as a condition of receiving Medicare and Medicaid funds.
Complaint by the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton

A former Trump administration official who served at the Health and Human Services Administration and is now a state legislator in Texas applauded the Attorney General’s lawsuit and called the Biden administration’s attempt to force local pharmacies to dispense the deadly abortion pill, a “blatantly illegal attempt to preempt Texas pro-life laws.”

Throughout the United States, activists are protesting CVS, Walgreens and now Rite Aid’s decision to sell the deadly abortion drug.

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