Tax-Payer Funded NPR Broadcasts Shocking Sounds of Actual Abortion

Tax Payer Funded NPR Promotes a Real Abortion on the Public Airwaves
Tax Payer Funded NPR Promotes a Real Abortion on the Public Airwaves

A shocking radio report from NPR has incensed American pro-lifers by using their tax payer dollars to promote abortion and broadcast child murder on the airwaves.

That is exactly what NPR did with their recent “snuff” audio report on abortion.

Snuff films are disgusting recordings of real people getting tortured, raped or killed. Like child trafficking and child porn, snuff films actually exist and are more common than people think.

However, none of the above mentioned inhumane atrocities are carried on the national air waves by government-funded media companies. But that is exactly what NPR did in their latest radio report, attempting to shamelessly promote abortion as a compassionate form of healthcare.

What NPR didn’t expect is that broadcasting the heinous act itself would evidence the moral horror of the procedure. Instead of making it seem acceptable and normal, the woman who is aborting her unborn child is heard having second thoughts and asking for the abortion to stop, only to be coerced by the abortionist. The sound of the suction machine ripping apart her 11 week old child is also heard simultaneously with groans and moans from the mother.

Judge for yourself, but listener discretion is advised. This is a real life murder that you will hear, and if you are an American citizen, your tax dollars likely paid for this public broadcast.

Every year, NPR and its TV sister station PBS, receive around $450 Million from the US taxpayer.

Please join American Pro-Lifer in demanding an end to the government’s funding of this leftist propaganda machine. By clicking on the button below, you will be allowed to contact your federal legislators directly.

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