South Carolina Pro-Lifers Deliver Anatomical Models of Spines to Spineless Republicans

The South Carolina Human Life Protection Act (H 3774) will be voted on in the South Carolina Senate tomorrow. The bill, passed the South Carolina House by a vote of 77-31 on February 16th, with only one Republican and one Democrat breaking with their party line.

Unfortunately, the South Carolina bill excludes children conceived in rape and children with severe disabilities from protection. The bill also contains a life of the mother exception.

In a very creative twist on lobbying a local pro-life group delivered an anatomical model of a spine to pro-abortion Republican Senator Tom Davis. The Senator complained on social media that he would not vote for protecting children from conception, using the dehumanizing term “fertilized egg” to refer to human beings at the earliest stages of development. The group student’s for life replied to the Senator’s tweet by mocking the fact that the Senator recognized the anatomical spine model, but not the biological beginning of a human being.

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