South Carolina House Passes Abortion Ban With Rape Exception

South Carolina House passes abortion ban with rape and incest after an intense session.  Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is considering abortionists' challenge to the South Carolina heartbeat law.

By a vote of 67-35, the South Carolina House of Representatives passed a bill that purports to ban abortion.

On Wednesday, the House voted down a more principled abortion ban that would have also protected the right to life of children conceived in rape causing celebrations among radical leftists on social media.

However, the pro-abortion cause for celebration was short lived as the House moved to amend the bill to include exceptions for rape and incest and then proceeded to pass the bill.

Strange Bedfellows in South Carolina

The South Carolina House of Representatives debate over abortion made for strange bedfellows as pro-abortion Democrats and no exception pro-life Republicans united against allowing the amendment that created exceptions allowing the killing of children through abortion in the case of rape and incest.

For Democrats, the short-lived alliance was a cynical political maneuver to try to force Republicans to look “extreme” for defending the right to life of innocent children conceived in rape. For Republicans it was a battle between fundamental pro-life principles, which allow no distinction between the right to life of a child conceived in rape and one conceived in a loving marriage, and political pragmatism in an age where the extreme media bias has made it impossible to communicate the pro-life message to undecided and “moderate” voters.

Pro-Abortion Mainstream Media on the Warpath

For example, the Associated Press wrote this article, which was then syndicated by many corporate media networks, in which the right to life of the preborn child is not mentioned a single time and where pro-life arguments are given absolutely no voice while pro-abortion critiques are expounded at length.

Another mainstream media strategy is to refer to the pro-life laws as “restrictions.” In this Yahoo News story, the right to life is, again, never mentioned, and the pro-life protections of the right to life are merely referred to as “restrictions” with a clear negative connotation.

With the media on the warpath to promote their unholiest secular sacraments of abortion, many politicians have been hesitant to call out the media and boldly proclaim the pro-life message.

For now, this has caused Republicans in states like Indiana and South Carolina to violate their pro-life principles by introducing politically correct, but deeply immoral exceptions, that will allow innocent children to be killed thorough abortion under the cover of law.

The South Carolina Heartbeat law is currently awaiting a decision by the SC Supreme Court after abortionists sued alleging the South Carolina constitution includes a “right” to kill a preborn child through abortion.

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