She Was Shot for Speaking Against Abortion & Police Still Haven’t Charged the Man Who Shot Her

While Mark Houck, a pro-life father of seven was arrested in a military style raid of his home at 7 in the morning, the police still have not charged a pro-abortion man who admitted to shooting an 84 year old pro-life woman who was knocking on doors to advocate for the right to life.

This is Joan Jacobson

Joan Jacobson, 84 year old pro-life woman shot by a pro-abortion Michigan man who has not been charged with any crime.
Pro-Life Canvasser Joan Jacobson

In an interview with The Daily Signal’s Mary Margaret Olohan, Ms. Jacobson tells a very different story from the account told by the pro-abortion wife of the shooter.

Jacobson insisted that Harvey refused to listen to her, yelling over her, and finally ordering her off the property. The 120-pound woman, who stands at 5 feet tall, said that Harvey followed her down the porch, onto the sidewalk, continuing to yell at her, before her husband Richard Harvey appeared in the yard carrying a .22 caliber rifle.

“When that registered in my mind, I heard a shot, I felt some pain, and I thought he had hit me in the back,” she said. Jacobson learned at the hospital that the bullet allegedly went through her shoulder and out her back, very narrowly missing her spine. “I was just in shock. I said to myself, ‘Did I just get shot? Did he just shoot me?

Mrs. Harvey’s Facebook profile shows that she is quite possibly suffering form social media induced hatred of conservatives and especially pro-lifers.

Increasing Cycle of Politically Motivated Violence

The rise in politically motivated violence against conservatives, while ignored by the mainstream media, has been evident since President Biden took office promising to unite Americans.

Biden’s rhetoric has been the opposite of unifying, and the actions of his Department of Justice and FBI have been nothing short of absolute weaponized partisanship.

The not so great uniter.

The incitement to hatred from Biden and his allies in the media nearly cost Ms. Jacobson her life, just as it did for Kyller Ellingson, a young conservative teenager was killed by an enraged leftist driver in North Dakota.

Please sign our petition to ask congress to impeach FBI director Christopher Wray for allowing the FBI to be weaponized by leftists against their political opponents and against conservative citizens.

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