Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) Issues a literal “Call to Arms” to Fight Pro-Lifers

Senator Hirono: a Modern Day George Wallace

Senator Mazie Hirono, the leftist Democrat Senator from Hawaii stated in a speech on the floor of the Senate that pro-life attempts to protect the right to life of preborn children is “literally a call to arms” for pro-abortion Americans to fight back.

The speech by Hirono, calling for the literal use of force against political opponents, comes after two years of political show-trials against President Trump for allegedly inciting an insurrection at the capitol, although in that speech the president asked the protesters to “march over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

“The War on Women” is Bigotry and Violence Disguised as Feminism

The “war on women” is the main issue that Democrats are pushing at a national level before the midterm elections. The messaging that millions of Americans will receive in political advertisements around the country is that some Republicans’ efforts to pass laws to protect the right to life of the child before birth is an attack on women.

This deceptive twisting of an undeniable good – protecting the right to life of innocent babies – in to the bad – supposedly subjugating women – is the intellectual equivalent of the argument that passing laws to protect the civil rights of black Americans was an attack on white Americans.

The tactics being used by those intent on dehumanizing the child in the womb are similar to those used by the racists who were opposed to the full citizenship of black Americans.

In the past, racists had their political leaders such as West Virginia Democrat Robert Byrd or Democrat Governor of Alabama George Wallace. The Anti-life Senators and governors active at the moment are too numerous to name, but undoubtedly, Ms. Hirono is one of the most vocal anti-lifers in the US Senate.

During the postwar decades, cancel culture was alive in well in racist cities and states where students staged walkouts to protest the admittance of black students and racist companies refused to serve black customers.

Racist youth protest against desegregation.
Racist youth protest against desegregation.

Violence was also rampant against black owned businesses and black churches, many of which were vandalized and burned to the ground.

Black businesses were burned by radical racists.
Black businesses were burned by radical racists.

Today, like in the past, those who wish to dehumanize the weak and defenseless child in the womb, clothe their bigotry in the rhetoric of rights, women’s rights, as opposed to racial rights.

At the University of Michigan, anti-life medical students walked-out of their own “White Coat” ceremony to protest a pro-life speaker.

Anti-life students walk out of ceremony to protest a pro-life professor speaking.
Anti-life students walk out of ceremony to protest a pro-life professor speaking.

Pro-life officials, businesses and even churches have also been under violent attack from anti-life political radicals.

In May, an attempt was foiled to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh when the armed would-be assailant turned himself as he neared the Justice’s home in Maryland.

Protesters also marched outside of Justice’s homes to intimidate and pressure them, in direct violation of federal law.

Anti-life students walk out of ceremony to protest a pro-life professor speaking.
Anti-life protesters outside of supreme court justices homes

Over 100 pregnancy resource centers have been attacked by anti-life activists since the leaked Dobbs opinion hinted at the reversal of the supreme court precedent in Roe and Casey that declared a constitutional “right” to abortion.

To date, the FBI has not made a single arrest.

Offices of Wisconsin Family Action in Madison WI
Offices of Wisconsin Family Action in Madison, WI

All One Thing or All The Other

Abortion, like any basic human right is not a political question at heart, and therefore, although the intent of the supreme court in Dobbs might have been a logical political and democratic compromise in terms of the current state of American culture, but in the long term, no one nation can survive half anti-life and half pro-life, “it will become all one thing or all the other.”

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