Senator Graham Introduces 15 Week Pain-Capable Abortion Ban in Congress

Senator Lindsay Graham introduced a federal abortion ban after the 15th week of gestation.
Senator Lindsay Graham introduced a federal abortion ban after the 15th week of gestation.

Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina introduced a ban on abortions after the 15th-week of gestation yesterday.

Politics as the Art of the Compromise

Otto von Bismarck once wrote that “politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best.”

Recent polls show that 72% of Americans want abortion to be banned after the 15th week of gestation. This opinion lies somewhere in between the democrat party line, which completely denies the humanity of the preborn and advocates abortion during all nine months of gestation, and the personhood standard which seeks to grant equal protection to the preborn child form the moment of conception.

In that respect, the Lindsay Graham’s proposed legislation seems to be in keeping with the polling.

The move may be a brilliant political move that showcases the radical nature of both the media and the Democrat party by making them embrace their radical abortion-on-demand abortion policy openly. Yet, leftwing outlets like Politico, considered the move a “lifeline” for a failing presidency that is being punished by skyrocketing inflation.

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre accused Lindsay Graham and the Republicans of being anti-woman, while defending abortion up to birth.

It remains to be seen what the impact of this legislation will be, if any.

Democrats are hopeful that their radical abortion position, marketed and airbrushed by the pro-abortion media, will win them votes in the November election, after all everything else in foreign and domestic policy is failing spectacularly.

On the other hand, Republicans hope that the federal 15-week abortion ban will give them a strong tool to paint the Democrats in their own radically pro-abortion light.

Abortion is a Human Rights Issue Not a Political Issue

Lost in this debate is the reality that abortion is a human rights issue. Democrats wrongly believe abortion is a human rights issue about the bodily autonomy of the woman, and their policies are consonant with that belief by advocating the complete dehumanization of the preborn child.

But what about Republicans?

If they too believe abortion is a human rights issue, and they believe in the equal protection of the preborn, why do their political policy considerations differ from their core belief in the dignity of the preborn child?

The answer goes back to Otto von Bismarck and his political pragmatism maxim.

The danger to pro-lifers is, of course, that in abandoning their principle that life begins at conception, and praising a 15 week ban as “common sense”, as the Susan B Anthony Pro-Life America organization recently tweeted, they are conceding too much while the pro-aborts concede nothing.

The November elections will be the judge.

The radically pro-abortion Democrats have chosen their path, abortion on demand at every stage of gestation supported by non-stop pro-abortion propaganda. Their recent victory in Kansas has emboldened them after their catastrophic loss at the US Supreme Court and they believe they can win with this strategy and achieve their ultimate goal in one fell swoop.

Republicans seem to be more divided, some being pro-abortion themselves, others (the Bismarckians) prone to accommodate their principles to fit the polling, and yet others – a small minority – principled on the matter of the need to protect all innocent human beings from conception.

What is evident is that, at least at the federal level, no one dares to wage the battle for equal protection of the preborn from the moment of conception. Yet, to be fair, as discussed by Andrew McCarthy of National Review, and acknowledged by Senator Graham himself, the 15-week abortion ban would be a ceiling for what 100% pro-abortion states like New York and California can allow. Other states, like Texas and West Virginia could still outlaw abortion completely.

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