Repealing Roe v. Wade Has Already Saved 10,000 Babies

Leftist media laments fewer abortions being committed since Roe v. Wade was repealed.

Long gone are the days when mainstream Democrats told the American people they wanted abortions to be safe, legal and rare.

The modern Democrat party views abortion as a good thing, as legitimate “care” up until and even after the moment of birth.

And although 99% of abortions are committed as a form of after-the-fact birth control, personal responsibility, has long exited the Democrats’ lexicon.

Data-driven media outlet, Five Thirty Eight, recently reported, with evident concern, that the number of children killed by abortion had actually decreased by 10,000 since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in late June. If the trend continues, 60,000 babies might not be dismembered in their mother’s wombs in the next year alone!

As explained by and then repeated by the NY Times, the decrease in the total number of babies killed by abortion occurred despite an increase in abortions among the most liberal states in the nation. Notice the tone of desperation in the article at the mere possibility that not as many babies will be killed:

But nationwide, the movement of abortions from states with bans and restrictions to those with fewer restrictions on access wasn’t enough to make up the shortfall. Between April and August, the number of abortions declined by 6 percent, and it’s likely that the decline in abortions represents thousands of women who sought abortions illegally or didn’t get one at all. If these trends persist, there could be at least 60,000 fewer abortions in the next year as a result of the Dobbs decision.
Chart from FiveThirtyEight showing where abortion has increased and where it has decreased

Abortion Not Helping Democrats at the Ballot

Despite their anti-religious obsession with abortion, polls show that the American people are more concerned with the demolition of the American economy, the devastating impact of inflation, and the open borders, rather than abortion “access”.

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