Remembering the Victims of Late Term Abortionist LeRoy Carhart

Abortionist LeRoy Carhart has died of cancer at the age of 81.

Carhart is estimated to have killed over 30,000 babies in his professional tenure as an abortionist and, in at least two occasions, also killed the babies’ mothers.

Many abortion supporters state that late-term abortion never really happens, and that it is done only in the most extreme cases, but Carhart’s life “work” proves otherwise.

In a stunning interview with the BBC conducted in 2019, Carhart admitted that he knew he was killing a baby and had no problem with doing it for any reason, so long as the baby was in the uterus.

See for yourself:

Jennifer Morbelli Died 2013

In addition to the tens of thousands of innocent preborn babies he killed, Carhart also ended the lives of the women he pretended to care for.

Jennifer Morbelli tragically passed away at Shady Grove Hospital in the Maryland suburbs of D.C. early in 2013. She had submitted to a third-term abortion at Carhart’s Germantown Reproductive Health clinic. Jennifer, a 29-year-old married kindergarten teacher from the affluent Westchester County suburbs of New York, had named her unborn daughter Madison Leigh. However, she decided to abort her baby at the 33rd week of pregnancy after prenatal testing revealed that the baby was diagnosed with a disorder that causes seizures.

According to the Maryland Medical Examiner’s office, Morbelli bled to death after amniotic fluid from a ruptured uterus entered her bloodstream and affected her blood’s ability to clot.

Christin Gilbert Died 2005

Christin Gilbert was a vibrant nineteen year old young woman with Downs Syndrome.

Sometime in 2004, Christin was the victim of sexual abuse that resulted in her becoming pregnant. Christin’s mother found out her daughter was pregnant while giving her a bath, and sometime later the family decided to take her to Wichita, Kansas, to kill Christin’s preborn baby at George Tiller’s late-term abortion clinic.

The abortionist who killed Christin’s baby was LeRoy Carhart, who would fly in to commit abortions from his home in nearby Nebraska.

Here’s a detailed timeline of the “care” that Carhart provided young Christin and her preborn baby.


According to carefully compiled and verified information from Justice for Christin, a website operated by Operation Rescue, the abortion started on Monday when Carhart killed the baby by injecting a lethal dose of digoxin to the baby’s heart. Evidence shows that the required independent medical consultation was done with a colleague of the abortionists who would approve the state mandated forms. In Christin’s case, it is highly doubtful that the young woman had the capacity to consent or know what was happening to her.

After the baby had been killed in her womb, Christin would then have been administered a laminaria, an expansive material intended to dilate her cervix and aid the expulsion of the large, dead, baby. Christin and her family would stay at a nearby motel and wait for the next 24 hrs for Christin to deliver the dead baby.


The next morning Christin gave birth in a car to a dead baby while on her way back to the abortion clinic. In the clinic, she had the remains of the pregnancy flushed out of her and had a rupture in her uterus sutured. After that, Carhart administered an RU-486 suppository as “an insurance policy” to expel everything from the uterus. RU-486 is only approved for use in abortion in the first trimester. That night (Tuesday night) Christin’s condition deteriorated.


On Wednesday she returned and was severely dehydrated and beginning to suffer from sepsis, a deadly condition that usually follows a severe bacterial infection. Nevertheless, Christin was released and went back to the hotel. That night, her condition worsened even more with bleeding, cramping, vomiting and loss of consciousness. Between 12 AM and 4AM The family reached out to the abortion clinic’s on-call assistant, a longtime employee of George Tiller named Cathy Reavis (who in reality was an unlicensed nurse) who attempted to find Carhart but could not reach him. Not finding the abortionist, she instructed the family to give Christin a warm bath, which likely made the bleeding worse. She then left Christin and her family at the hotel.


At 8 AM, Christin was carried into the abortion clinic, regaining consciousness long enough to walk through the door before collapsing on the floor in pools of blood. Eventually the abortion clinic staff called 911 but took care not to mention what had caused the emergency. By the time the paramedics arrived, Christin had gone into cardiac arrest. The paramedics managed to resuscitate her, and get her to the hospital, but by this point she was bleeding from the mouth, vagina, eyes, and every other orifice. By 4 PM Christin was pronounced dead.

Political Coverup

According to information carefully documented by Operation Rescue, the death of Christin Gilbert was covered up by none other than Kansas Governor, and Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. According to Operation Rescue’s research, Geroge Tiller likely called in a political favor for the very large campaign donations he had made to the governor and her allies. The Kansas medical board, chaired by a close Sebelius contact buried the complaint and Christin’s death was forgotten.

The rapist was never apprehended or prosecuted and Carhart and Tiller were never held accountable for their extreme negligence towards Christin.

How the Media Covered LeRoy Carhart’s Death

As soon as the news of Carhart’s death bagan to circulate, The New York Times lionized the murderous abortionist with a glowing obituary.

Ironically, the Washington Post painted Carhart, a man who single handedly killed tens of thousands of innocent human beings, born and preborn, as a victim of abortion violence.

Even ChatGPT, which is increasingly used as a reliable source by many had a decidedly biased view of the matter, first not knowing who Jennifer Morbelli was or how she died at the hands of Carhart instead of George Tiller, and then attempting to paint Christin’s well-documented death as having died of a heart attack after an abortion by George Tiller. See for yourself.

Abortion proponents may wish to celebrate LeRoy Carhart’s life work as one of providing life-saving care, but the truth is much darker.

Carhart was a monster who killed innocent human beings knowingly and without remorse. His life will be remembered as proof of the extreme inhumanity of the abortion rights movement and of an era that knowingly denied personhood to an entire segment of our population.

May God have mercy on all of us for allowing this to happen in our day.

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