Red Rose Rescuer Fr. Fidelis Moscinski Found Guilty of Violating the FACE Act

Father Fidelis Moscinski is a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal, a small but vibrant order that was born in the South Bronx and now has 14 friaries around the world.

Yesterday, a jury in New York’s Federal District Court found Fr. Fidelis guilty of violating the FACE Act for blocking access to a Planned Parenthood abortion center in Hempstead, NY on July 7, 2022. He will face sentencing on April 24th.

Father Fidelis has a long record of non-violent civil rights protests and has spoken openly about the reasons for his acts of civil disobedience.

As recently as December of last year, Fr. Fidelis and three others were released when a district attorney agreed to drop the charges against them. Before that, he had served a 90-day sentence for another Red Rose Rescue.

In a grave turn of events, described by the Red Rose Rescue website, Fr. Fidelis is now being persecuted by President Biden’s corrupt FBI under the FACE Act.

“Fr. Fidelis, was quickly placed back into custody by FBI agents for his one-man rescue at a Hempsted, NY Planned Parenthood where he chained shut the gate to the killing facility and then laid down in the driveway to prevent the killing of the unborn as women were arriving for their abortion appointments that would end the lives of their children. Pray for Father Fidelis!”

Red Rose Rescue

According to the account of the trial posted on the Red Rose Rescue on Facebook, Father Fidelis told the court in his closing statement that “Isaiah said woe to those who call good evil and evil good. Woe to those who call abortion a right … You disallowed the justification defense and that injustice was compounded by the jury and also by the sentencing you have given, I plead the blood of Jesus on this court room.”

If you wish to donate to the Red Rose Rescue you can do so through Monica Miller’s non-profit organization, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. If you wish to Donate to the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal you can do so at their website.

Please sign and share our petition to repeal the FACE Act. Paul Vaughn, one of the men recently arrested in an early morning raid by an FBI SWAT team, will be delivering this petition in person to members of congress this spring.

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