Pueblo, CO, Pro-Abortion Council Members Narrowly Defeat Abortion Ban

A slim majority of the Pueblo City Council voted to kill an anti-abortion ban that would have prevented late term abortionist Leroy Carhart from setting up an abortion mill in the city.
Four members of the Pueblo City Council Vote to Kill Anti-abortion Ordinance

On Monday, four out of the seven members of the Pueblo City Council voted to indefinitely table an ordinance that would have outlawed abortion in the city.

The City Council also refused to allow citizens to testify, after having promised during previous sessions to allow for public debate.

During Monday’s regularly scheduled meeting, Council President Heather Graham told the citizens present that if they didn’t like abortion they should move out of Colorado.

I would suggest if you want to ban abortion, take it up with the state legislators. Or, quite frankly, you move out of Colorado because the City Council is not the arena to be bringing this forward.

Pueblo City Council President Heather Graham

In 2022, the Democrat-controlled Colorado legislature passed a radical law that completely dehumanizes the preborn child and strips them of all rights. The barbaric law, which allows the murder of the preborn up until the moment of birth was called the Reproductive Health Equity Law. The law neither protects or encourages reproduction, regulates any legitimate healthcare procedure, nor grants equal protection to human beings.

Abortion is the ultimate act of violence against an innocent human being. For decades politicians have argued that their hands were tied due to the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade, but that all changed with the Hobbs decision which returned the matter to the people. While constitutional scholars spin intricate theories, and doctors debate unintended consequences and other subterfuge, the reality of abortion is really as simple as what Mother Teresa of Calcuta observed when she stated that a nation that is willing to kill its own young will be willing to do anything.

Abortion is about wielding power over and against the powerless. On Monday, the City Council of Pueblo Colorado decided to silence the citizens of Pueblo and sanction the murder of preborn children, effectively leaving the door open to late term abortionist Leroy Carhart, who has already bough a building and announced his plans to open up a late term abortion facility in Pueblo.

What transpired on Monday in Pueblo, Colorado was a a disappointment to many of the city’s residents, but was not unexpected as pro-abortion advocates will stop at nothing to retain their godless sacrament.

The four members who voted to kill the anti-abortion ordinance were:

  1. Heather Graham
  2. Dennis Flores
  3. Sarah Martinez, and
  4. Vincent Martinez Ortega

Pro-lifers from Pueblo have vowed to continue the peaceful effort to outlaw abortion within the city’s limits and defend the right to life of the preborn.

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