Pro-Life Spiderman Strikes Again

A climber calling himself Pro-life Spiderman was recently seen free climbing the vertigo inducing Chase Tower in Phoenix, Arizona days before the Super Bowl took place in Arizona.

His stunt was a way to garner attention for the plight of preborn children who are in danger of being killed through legalized abortion. He is also asking people to help support pregnant mothers by donating to a crowdfunding campaign on the LetThemLive platform.

Who is Pro-Life Spiderman?

Pro-Life Spiderman is a 22 year old from Detroit Michigan who taught himself how to climb by watching Youtube videos and has been on a mission to bring awareness to the plight of preborn babies.

When he is not climbing buildings to bring awareness to the right to life, Maison is a finance major at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Watch his interview on Tucker Carlson

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