Pro-Life Man Viciously Beaten Outside Baltimore Planned Parenthood

Last week, two pro-lifers who were offering assistance to women outside of a Baltimore Planned Parenthood, were viciously beaten, resulting in serious injuries to both men.

According to eyewitness accounts, the incident occurred last weekend outside a Planned Parenthood location on N. Howard Street in Baltimore. The victims, identified as Dick Schafer and Mark Crosby, were assaulted in an unprovoked and brutal manner. The assailant approached the men from behind, viciously beating the men before fleeing the scene.

Schafer is currently recovering at home, while Crosby is undergoing treatment for his injuries at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Facility.

The injuries sustained by Crosby are severe, including a fractured plate bone in his upper right cheek. He is also experiencing bleeding from an unidentified area behind his eye, after the bone eye orbit was completely shattered. Mark Crosby will required the replacement of his shattered cheek with a metal implant. During the attack, Crosby was struck in the face with a metal object, causing him to fall to the ground, where he was subsequently kicked in the head.

Schafer endured a forceful impact against the building, which resulted in a heavy planter being knocked over. Following the assault, a nurse from a nearby pregnancy center came to the victims’ aid, providing medical assistance.

Jay Walton, a pro-life advocate based in Maryland, shared additional details about the incident. He requested prayers for his friend Mark Crosby, who was attacked while engaged in prayer outside the Planned Parenthood facility.

You can donate to help cover these courageous and peaceful pro-lifer’s medical bills below.

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