Pro-Life Grifter or Pro-Choice Champion?

The Rev. Robert L. Schenck testifies before the House Judiciary Committee

The Reverend Robert L. Schenck appeared today before the House Judiciary Committee in what appeared to be a last ditch effort by the outgoing House Democrat majority to tarnish the reputation of Justice Samuel Alito and attack the reputation of the US Supreme Court.

Justice Alito has been in the crosshairs of the radical left for authoring the Dobbs ruling which overturned Roe v. Wade invalidating nearly 50 years of pro-abortion supreme court hegemony.

Months before the Dobbs opinion was officially released, an unprecedented leak occurred which landed the anticipated opinion on the desk of far-left Politico magazine. As a result of the leak the conservative Supreme Court Justices suffered intense political pressure and even threats of violence outside of their personal residences.

The Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Roberts, has been on a mission to find the leaker and one of the most preposterous conspiracy theories, promulgated by the far left, is that Justice Alito himself leaked the opinion.

And that is where the Reverend Robert Schenck comes in. Having been out of the public limelight since his shocking betrayal of the pro-life cause – a cause which financed his many activist ventures for decades – Robert Schenck jumped back into center stage with explosive allegations against Justice Alito, accusing him of having leaked prior opinions and therefore pointing the finger at him for the Dobbs leak as well.

The NY Times, which like other main stream media covered up stories damaging to Democrats (like the Hunter Biden laptop) jumped all over this story and gave Mr. Schenck the limelight he desired.

Schenck, who for many years portrayed himself as a pro-life street activists, led a campaign for over a decade soliciting donations from wealthy pro-lifers with the promise that he could reach supreme court justices and influence them to overturn Roe v. Wade.

At the hearing, Reverend Robert Schenck’s was confronted by Congressman Jim Jordan with high profile lies he told in the past and the result was not good for Mr. Schenck’s credibility.

The hearing, chaired by far-left Congressman Nadler was entitled, “Undue influence: ‘Operation Higher Court’ and Politicking at SCOTUS and was aimed at attacking the conservative majority on the court, and especially the recent Dobbs ruling on abortion, under the guise of showing the need for a legislatively determined code of ethics for the Supreme Court.

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