Pro-Life Comedian Exposes Extreme Irony of Abortion “Rights”

Comedian Nicholas De Santo drew nervous laughs from his audience in London’s “freethinking” comedy club, Comedy Unleashed, as he tore down the euphemistic house of cards that is legal abortion.

De Santo opened the set by stating that “Nazi’s were bad” and continued to describe “one of the worst things they did was getting rid of the unwanted, defective people, people who would have been a burden or deemed to have been a burden on the society, including unborn babies.”

“So all my life I’ve been told that it was wrong, bad to get rid of unborn babies because they would have been a burden on the German Reich and its aspirations of world supremacy. But nowadays we are being told that it is good to get rid of unborn babies because they would be a burden on Karen from accounting and her aspirations of getting a promotion. I don’t get it. If anything Nazi’s made a better case…”

According to the latest statistics from the UK Department of Health and Social Care, there were 209,917 abortions performed in England and Wales in 2020. This number represents a slight decrease from the previous year’s figure of 209,519. However, Scotland and Northern Ireland have separate abortion laws and statistics.

De Santo also ripped into Disney’s policy of paying for employee’s travel to kill their children through abortion.

On the same day that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, recognizing that states could choose to protect the right to life of preborn babies, Disney issued a letter to employees assuring them of their intention to pay for abortion related travel.

De Santo pointed out the irony in a company that creates content for children deciding to pay its employees to kill the company’s future customer base. Click on the video below to jump to the section on Disney.

Pro-Lifers Have no Political or Cultural Base in the UK

Unlike the United States, pro-life Brittons have no political party or mainstream news channel that espouses even moderately pro-life views.

In 2017, during the Conservative Party’s conference, then Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she would not seek to change the law on abortion. The Conservative Party’s position is that the decision to commit an abortion should be made by the mother and her doctor, within the legal framework that is currently in place.

It is worth noting that while there are some Conservative Party members who are opposed to abortion and who may seek to restrict it, the official position of the party is to support the current legal framework, which allows for killing children in the womb through abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, and beyond that in certain circumstances which are often abused and almost never policed.

Comedians Increasingly Self Censoring

Although mostly centered around the issue of gender ideology, comedians who have dared to point out the absurdity of the cultural left’s core ideological tents have suffered severe backlash.

The left-leaning comedian Dave Chappelle has been facing a continual cancel campaign after he made jokes about transgender people. Other comedians with much less influence and fame than Chappelle stay away from politically incorrect jokes altogether.

De Santo is unique among comedians in not just his pro-life point of view but also the fact that he was able to make jokes out of a subject as dark as abortion.

Towards the end of the set, De Santo jokes that his set was the funniest pro-life comedy show ever, admitting that it was probably the only pro-life comedy set in the world.

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