Pro-Abortion Terror Group Jane’s Revenge Strikes Again

The list of destroyed properties and threats and intimidation continues to grow, as pro-abortion extremists continue to target pregnancy help centers.

Last week the Bethlehem House near Boston, MA had windows smashed and graffiti threats painted all over the property.

More Pro-abortion vandalism and intimidation

Does the FBI Take all Threats Seriously?

After members of congress issued a letter to the FBI, the federal law enforcement agency released a statement to the press that it is investigating the violent pro-abortion organization and that it takes all threats seriously. To this point no arrests have been made and it is highly doubtful that the highly politicized agency is actively pursuing the investigation.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Echoes Jane’s Revenge

Leftist Senator Elizabeth Warren has been leading the charge to target pregnancy care centers and it is no surprise many of the latest attacks are happening in her home state of Massachusets.

Pro-abortion Violence on the Rise

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