Pro-abortion Media Laments Minors Not Being Able to Sidestep Parental Consent Before Abortion

The left wing news outlet, Axios, recently published a story where they decry that judges in one county in Florida have been denying judicial bypass for abortionists seeking to take the life of the babies of minor pregnant mothers.

These types of laws, which require the parents of pregnant minors to be informed before their unborn grandchildren are killed, were ignored on a routine basis by abortionists who routinely filed bypass requests with abortion-friendly judges.

Judicial bypass was part of the legacy of the Roe v. Wade framework that was recently overturned and discarded.

In the 1976 Danforth case, the infamous Justice Harry Blackmun struck down a law requiring spousal or parental consent, while in the 1979 case of Bellotti v. Baird the same Justice Blackmun determined that parental notification laws were only constitutional if they included a judicial bypass provision for the minor (often the represented by the abortionists) to obtain permission from a judge.

In the 1979 case, the great Justice Byron White dissented, writing:

Until now, I would have thought inconceivable a holding that the United States Constitution forbids even notice to parents when their minor child who seeks surgery objects to such notice and is able to convince a judge that the parents should be denied participation in the decision.

Justice White dissenting in Bellotti v. Baird (1979)

The Legacy of Roe Lives On

As can be seen from the outrage by NARAL, Human Rights Watch and Axios, among others, the proponents of abortion have not backed off an inch after their defeat in Dobbs.

For them the “right” to abortion trumps all other rights, especially parental rights.

What would Justice White have thought of an America where schools and government agencies throughout the land sought to inject children with the experimental COVID vaccines without their parent’s permission? Or where teachers surreptitiously sought to “affirm” a child’s sex/gender transition?

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