Pro-Abortion Man Who Shot Pro-Life Canvasser Not Arrested

74 year old Richard Harvey

On September 20th, 74 year old Richard Harvey shot an 84 year old woman in the back.

The local NBC News affiliate ran an interview with the man at his home where he admitted to shooting the pro-life canvasser. When asked if he was afraid he might be facing some charges, the man responded, “well it is always possible, I mean, I shot someone.”

The accompanying article describes the man as “the man who fired the shot that struck an anti-abortion rights canvasser in the shoulder.” NBC News does not call the man a shooter, simply a man who fired a shot. It is also not until the second half of the article that NBC mentions that the woman he shot was 83 (sic) years old, or that she was shot in the back, something NBC News warns is “contested”.

In the video, NBC News interviews the shooter’s wife allowing her to make an argument for abortion and depict the pro-life volunteer as belligerent. Neither the canvasser nor the pro-life organization she was working with are interviewed. The entire piece is framed by the title of the story “Man who shot Right to Life volunteer: ‘It was an accident.’

Admitted Shooter Free while Mark Houck is Arrested by an FBI Swat Team

The contrast of the man who shot the 84 year old pro-life volunteer in the back and is free to tell the story to an understanding news crew compared with the young father of seven who was dragged away at gun point by over a dozen heavily armed FBI agents is stark.

Local police in Michigan have not charged the man yet and say that they are “investigating” and awaiting police reports.

The Law Doesn’t Apply to the Left

The message is clear: in left wing modern America, if you are in the politically favored class of people, you can shoot people in the back, intimidate Supreme Court judges at their home, harass politicians as they go out to eat with their families, burn down federal courthouse in the name of racial equity, and ransack gas stations and shops in broad daylight under video surveillance, and not have to fear the law.

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