Pro-Abortion Constitution Rejected Overwhelmingly in Chile

Chileans rejected an extreme leftist constitution by a margin of 2:1 in a national mandatory referendum that took place on Sunday.

The neo-marxist constitution attempted to accomplish all of the goals of the extreme left in one fell swoop: unlimited abortion, gender indoctrination in schools, redistribution of wealth in the name of “equity”, economic suicide via radical environmentalism and climate alarmism, centralization of power and a long list of identity politics.

Now what?

According to Chile’s marxist millennial President, Gabriel Boric, the overwhelming rejection of his constitutional reform has not pushed him to take even one step back: “ni un paso atrás”. Instead, Boric has announced a new constitutional convention, has fired his cabinet and called a new cabinet to get a second bite at the apple.

The day after the defeat of his woke constitution, the president announced on Twitter the beginning of a new constitutional convention.
The president of Chile fired his cabinet and appointed a new one to pursue the goal of enshrining leftist ideas in the constitution.

Conservative politician Jose Antonio Kast, who lost the last presidential election less than a year ago, immediately criticized the new cabinet for the inclusion of the leftist mayor of Santiago who is currently facing corruption charges and other far-left politicians.

Chile currently permits abortion in the cases of rape, incest and the health of the mother – an exception which often swallows the rule and is abortion on demand by another name.

Still, abortion will not be considered a constitutional right, as the new constitution pretended. The proposed constitution would have subverted all regulatory limits and conscientious objection.

Pro-lifers now must work to make the pro-abortion constitution’s failure permanent by pushing the far left that has taken over Chile out of power as soon as possible.

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