Planned Parenthood Telehealth Abortion Leads to the Death of a 30-36 Week Baby

The combination of “telemedicine” and chemical abortions is a veritable house of horrors.

Shortly after assuming the presidency, citing the “emergency” created by the COVID pandemic, Joe Biden’s FDA lifted restrictions on the prescription of abortion pills, allowing abortion centers to prescribe the drugs over telemedicine appointments.

Then, after the Dobbs decision overturned Roe v. Wade, President Biden signed an Executive Order promoting the use of abortion pills in states where surgical abortions have been banned.

As reported by The American ProLifer, telemedicine and chemical abortions, now account for 50% of the abortions committed in the United States. These poisonous drugs are not only lethal to the babies they are intended to kill, but also to the mothers. When combined with loose tele-health medical appointments, the results are often horrific.

This is exactly what has happened in New York in once case that has resulted in a lawsuit by an 18 year old student against Planned Parenthood and it’s “medical” staff. The lawsuit reveals the grisly results of the dangerous combination of the abortion pill and Planned Parenthood’s tele-health appointment system.

As first reported by LiveAction, the anonymous young woman, Jane Doe, is suing Planned Parenthood of Hudson Peconic (White Plains, NY), abortionist Meera Shah, and nurse practitioner Abigail Mensah.

The facts of the case are the following:

On May 4, 2020, Jane Doe had a 15 minute tele-health visit with Planned Parenthood in which the gestational age of the baby was determined from a question about the young woman’s last menstrual cycle. No ultrasounds or other tests were performed before Planned Parenthood prescribed the abortion pills. That same day, Jane Doe went to the abortion facility in person to retrieve the abortion pills. At no time did Planned Parenthood perform any tests or examinations to confirm the age of gestation of Jane Doe’s baby.

While at the Abortion clinic to pick up the abortion pills, the clinic did attempt to perform a test for anemia, but their equipment was faulty. When Jane Doe inquired whether she should go to another Planned Parenthood to get the anemia test Doctor Shah allegedly told the young woman that she should not wait another day.

The lawsuit also points to the fact that the drugs used in the abortion pill cocktail require the abortionist to get the mother to sign a consent form informing her of the risks of taking the drug. According to the lawsuit, no informed consent form was reviewed or signed.

Abortion Pill, Labor & Delivery

After verbally consenting to a six week abortion and being given the abortion cocktail, Jane Doe took the drugs on May 4 and by the evening of May 5th was experiencing “painful cramping and pressure.”

The rest of the labor and delivery can best be described by quoting the lawsuit itself:

Plaintiff went into full labor in the early morning hours of May 5, 2020.
Plaintiff experienced extreme and painful accelerated changes to her body, including a
vaginal laceration or tear, as the delivery progressed.
At approximately 3:00 am, while sitting on the toilet, Plaintiff gave birth to a fully formed,
stillborn baby boy named J.T.
Plaintiff was shocked and traumatized when she saw the lifeless, fully-formed baby in the
toilet covered in mucous, blood, and the placenta.
The next morning, Plaintiff advised Defendants about the ordeal.
Plaintiff described the size of J.T.’s body to the Defendants. She described his size as the length
of her forearm, not including his legs. Defendant Mensah repeatedly asked whether the body was
the size of a fist, but Plaintiff and her mother corrected her.
Instead of directing Plaintiff to the nearest emergency room, and despite knowing that
 J.T. was a fully-formed baby, Defendants directed Plaintiff to bring J.T. across county lines to
 Dr. Shah at the White Plains Center for examination of both J.T. and herself.
At the White Plains Center, Dr. Shah performed an ultrasound and physical exam on
Plaintiff and also examined J.T.

Defendants determined that J.T.’s length and femur size were consistent with that of a
thirty-three to thirty-six week old baby.
Defendants advised Plaintiff that they would dispose of J.T., further upsetting Plaintiff
and her family.
Plaintiff, just hours post-partum and in shock, was made to wait for many hours at the
White Plains Center.
Defendants told Plaintiff not to call law enforcement.

Chemical abortions are the future of abortion. They are more profitable and just as deadly, but almost always result in a dead baby and a traumatized mother giving birth to a dead baby.

Legislation banning these barbaric and dangerous drugs have been proposed in a number of states, but have been met by lawsuits from the American Medical Association, Planned Parenthood, and others.

Although initially struck down as violations of Roe v. Wade, after Dobbs, these cases are likely to be re-litigated as more and more states attempt to prevent their use.

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