Planned Parenthood is Cherrypicking State Judges to Block Pro-Life Laws

The US Supreme Court could not have been more clear when it determined that the US Constitution did not grant a right to abortion because neither the text nor the history and traditions of this nation support the claim that abortion is a fundamental right.

Planned Parenthood has long used pro-abortion activist judges to block the will of the people in states that want to protect the right to life and, unfortunately, the overturning of Roe v. Wade has not made them change their modus operandi.

In no other state has this trend been more evident than in Ohio.

In 2021, a Democrat lower court state judge named Alison Hatheway single-handedly blocked, not one, but two pro-life laws duly passed by majorities of the people’s representatives in the legislature of Ohio.

The first, was a law that banned the deadly abortion pills from being administered after a “telemedicine” appointment, and the second, a law that would have required burial or cremation of the remains of babies killed by abortion.

Along with these two laws, the legislature has had three other recently passed laws, including Ohio’s heartbeat law blocked by activist pro-abortion judges at the behest of the abortion industry.

Margie Christie, Executive Director of Dayton Right to Life told The American Prolifer that activist judges, like Alison Hathaway, are actively and purposefully blocking the will of the people.

It is absolutely despicable that women and unborn children are being used as pawns by this judge for political purposes.  The people have spoken on this legislation.  Ohio is pro-life and Judge Hathaway refuses to recognize the will of the voters and their elected representatives.

Margie Christie, Dayton Right to Life

In November, the people of Ohio confirmed a conservative majority to the Ohio Supreme Court giving pro-life Republicans a one-member majority that will be deciding important cases on abortion.

Out of the three seats up for election in 2022, all three were won by the Republican judges, Sharon Kennedy, Pat Fischer and Pat DeWine, giving pro-lifers in Ohio the hope (not the certainty) that the court will not invalidate their current and future pro-life laws.

The highest court in Ohio is now considering an appeal brought by Ohio’s pro-life Attorney General Dave Yost at the beginning of this year to the lower court decision which blocked the heartbeat bill by inventing a state constitutional “right” to abortion.

Since the COVID pandemic and then the Dobbs decision, much of the emphasis from the abortion industry has shifted from defending abortion centers to pushing for easier and less regulated access to the abortion pill, which can be easily mailed into states that protect the right to life.

This week 20 state Attorney Generals warned CVS and Walgreens, who were recently given the green light by the FDA to start selling the abortion pill, that they would be infringing on state law if they did so.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit was launched against the FDA for improperly approving the deadly abortion pills in the first place.

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