Peaceful British Pro-Life Prayer Warriors Cleared in Court

A woman who was arrested in the city of Birmingham in the United Kingdom for peacefully praying outside of an abortion center and a Catholic priest who was also arrested were vindicated in a British court today.

Father Sean Gough and Isabel Vaughan-Spruce were charged by police with failure to comply with a special law meant to insulate abortion facilities from any free speech activities such as protesting, holding signs or even silently praying.

The area surrounding the abortion center, located on Station Road, was covered by a local Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) since November.

The pair’s attorneys highlighted the fact that pro-abortion laws are trampling on the values of a free society.

Isabel and Father Sean’s cases show that the current plans to introduce censorship zones across England and Wales constitute a dangerous step towards an illiberal society. We ask parliamentarians to think long and hard about whether we are still a free and democratic society and a free and democratic country and if so national censorship zones must be rejected.

ADF UK legal counsel Jeremiah Igunnubolealso

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