OUTRAGE! FBI Conducts Early Morning Raid on Pro-Life Family While Ignoring Scores of Pro-Abortion Attacks

The Houck Family

The FBI has sunk to new lows with their latest politically motivated early morning raid. This time, the victim was not a past president of the United States, but a well known pro-life activist, Mark Houck, who regularly openly and peacefully exercises his first amendment right to speak to people going into an abortion center in Philadelphia.

The arrest was carried out with the FBI’s typical overwhelming show of force with 20 heavily armed SWAT like officers raiding the young family’s home at 7 am in the morning. The raid left the family’s seven young children in tears.

The basis for the arrest is an alleged altercation that occurred after an anti-life “escort” approached the pastor’s son and began yelling obscenities at the child. The father of seven started walking away with one of his sons, but the grown man followed them and continued the verbal abuse, and it was then that Mr. Houck shoved the man away to protect his child. The anti-life man subsequently pressed charges and sued the pastor. The civil lawsuit was tossed out and the charges were dropped this summer after video footage confirmed the pastor’s account, yet the Biden administration has chosen to not only pursue this case, but to use an early morning raid to intimidate pro-lifers. It is notable that Mr. Houck has an attorney of record on the case and the attorney was not notified before the raid.

This is the account of the altercation from the family’s Give Send Go campaign page:

At 7am on Friday, September 23, 20 SWAT team members burst into the home of Mark Houck, founder of The King's Men - an organization that forms men to act as leaders and protectors in their families and communities, especially in the fight to end abortion. These agents had guns drawn and shields up in the faces of Mark, his wife, and their seven young children. Mark was handcuffed in front of his family and arrested.

Mark's "crime" was protecting his son from an aggressive Planned Parenthood escort in downtown Philadelphia.

Last year, Mark and his son were praying in front of the PP at 12th and Locust. When one of the escorts began harassing Mark's son they walked down the street away from the entrance to the building. The escort followed them, and when he continued yelling at Mark's son, Mark pushed him away.

It's all on video.

But that hasn't stopped Planned Parenthood and the Biden Administration. With no prior warning, and in spite of the fact that Mark is represented by an attorney, Biden's Justice Department sent a fully armed SWAT team into a home full of young children at daybreak, to arrest a father for protecting his son.

Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion allies want to send a message of fear to the pro-life community of Pennsylvania. But we have a different message to share:

We will not back down, we will not stop fighting to protect the lives of Pennsylvania's unborn children, and we WILL NOT TOLERATE the harassment of our leaders by a corrupt and politicized justice system.  

Most conservatives thought that when President Trump’s home in Mar-a-lago was raided that, if it could happen to President Trump, it could happen to anyone who displeased Biden’s police state. Well, it is happening and has been happening under the direction of President Joe Biden and his Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Meanwhile, not a single arrest has been made surrounding the continual attacks on crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations that have left scores of establishments in ruin.

A young pastor was arrested after an FBI early-morning raid which left his wife and children in tears.  Meanwhile, not a single arrest has been made for the scores of attacks on pregnancy resource centers.
Offices of Wisconsin Family Action are vandalized in Madison, WI

Clearly, it is open season on Pro-lifers.

In Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano, the conservative candidate for Governor issued a press release calling “the continued weaponization of the FBI and persecution by Joe Biden’s DOJ against ordinary Americans,” an “outrage.”

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