Out-of-State Billionaires, Big Tech & Leftist Dark Money Groups Fuel Michigan’s Pro-Abortion Amendment

George Soros

Michigan’s Proposal 3 seeks to enshrine abortion, the brutal killing of children up to the moment of birth, at the very top of the state’s constitutional order.

To do so, pro-abortion forces have raised an astonishing 42 million dollars, while those opposing the amendment have raised 17 million dollars.

On the pro-abortion side 75% of the funding has come from twelve donors. Eleven of the twelve are from out of state. Of the eight individual or family foundation donors giving 1 or more million dollars, five are known to be Jewish and all are billionaires or close to it.

On the pro-life side 95% of the $17M raised came from Michigan Right to Life and the Catholic Conference. There was not a single billionaire donation from out of state, in fact there was not a single donation from out of state among the top 100 donors.

The Top Pro-Abortion Donors

A closer look at the pro-abortion donors reveals some very interesting facts:

  1. 75% of the funding for Michigan’s pro-abortion amendment comes from 12 donors who gave $1M or more
  2. Of these 12 donors, only one, Jill Foss Watson who gave $1M, lives in Michigan. The other 11 top donors who gave a combined $31M are from out of the state of Michigan, predominantly New York and California.
  3. Two of the largest dark money funds, the Sixteen Thirty Fund and the Advocacy Fund, are organizations that specialize in hiding the identity of radical leftist political donors; those two organizations account for a combined $7M of the $42M total. The Sixteen Thirty Fund is the larger of the two and is a dark money group administered by Arabella Advisors which was started by Eric Kessler, a former Clinton Global Initiative board member and heir to a Chicago based fortune. In 2020, the Sixteen Thirty Fund spent an astounding 1.2 billion against President Trump in the US Presidential elections. The other dark money group, the Advocacy Fund, is an organization that is used by far-left political groups to hide the identity of donors by multiple pass-throughs to allied organizations. It is difficult to even quantify the amount of money funneled by this group, but it is interesting that one of the board of directors is Alice Kessler, who may or may not be related to the founder of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, Eric Kessler.
  4. Besides pro-abortion organizations like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood and the dark money pass through organizations mentioned above, the rest of the donations come from individual or family foundation donors who are all billionaires or close to it.
  5. Also of interest is the fact that at least half of the individual or family foundation billionaire donors are Jewish. This should not be taken as an anti-semitic statement, but a factual observation, just as an analysis of the donors to the pro-life opposition to the amendment will show that the Catholic church is the second largest donor to that side. While there are many prominent pro-life Jews, it is clear that many wealthy Jews are active in financing abortion advocacy, and in the case of Proposition 3, make up a disproportionate percentage of the funding to the pro-abortion side. George Soros, The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies (LJS Trust), Steve and Connie Ballmer (past CEO of Microsoft), Michael Bloomberg, and Gwendolyn Sonthein Meyer are all Jewish.
  6. Then there is the mysterious 26 year old cryptocurrency exchange engineer, Nishad Singh, the second largest donor behind George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Mr. Singh is a cryptocurrency exchange executive at FTX and a past Facebook executive. Although he is listed in the Michigan state campaign reports as being based in the Bahamas, the 26 year old tech executive has spent lavishly supporting LBGT candidates and leftist dark money groups in the United States. Before 2020, Singh had only made one donation of $2,700; but since 2021 and into 2022 he has donated at least $10M (6.5M to leftist Super PAC’s and 4M to the pro-abortion amendment in Michigan). It is more than likely that Singh is acting at the direction or at least in concert with his boss at FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, who has already donated close to $40M to leftist causes and politicians this year alone. One of Mr. Singh’s first million dollar donations was to a get-out-the-vote PAC run by Sam Bankman-Fried’s mother called Mind the Gap.

The Top Pro-Life Donors

The list of contributions to the pro-life committee to defeat Proposition 3 is not surprising.

Of the 2,300 contributions given, which amount to a total of approximately $17M, around $16M come from the Michigan Catholic Conference and Michigan Right to Life.

Among the top 100 contributions, not a single one comes from outside the state of Michigan.

Interestingly, the pro-life committee has spent all but approximately $20,000 while the pro-abortion side still has close to $10M on hand.


Polling shows that the Amendment is likely to pass although the gap has been closing with a pair of CNN polls showing the Amendment ahead by 10% with a margin of error of 4-5%

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