Oklahoma Attorney General Issues Memo Directing Law Enforcement to Prosecute Abortionists

Oklahoma AG John O’Connor accused those with a political agenda about spreading disinformation about Oklahoma law that outlaws abortion.

Oklahoma’s Attorney General, John O’Connor issued a memo to law enforcement instructing them on when and how to enforce the state’s abortion prohibition.

You can read the entire memo HERE

The memo sets out to unequivocally assert the authority of law enforcement to prosecute abortionists who continue to kill children in the womb whether the killing is done surgically or through poisons.

First, Oklahoma district attorneys and law enforcement agencies should pursue criminal prosecution of any person who intentionally performs, attempts to perform, or assists with the performance of elective or on-demand abortion in Oklahoma, surgical or chemical.

Oklahoma AG John O’Connor

The memo also dispels disinformation, carried dutifully by the mainstream media and social media giants, like this tweet from radical pro-abortion advocacy group, Center for Reproductive Rights, that have portrayed the law as a sort of draconian dragnet to imprison women.

Among the points which the memo clarifies are the following:

  1. Oklahoma law exempts the pregnant mothers from prosecution nor does it apply to unintentional conduct such as miscarriages.
  2. Abortion is only authorized when “necessary” to save the life of the mother. This is standard wording which is contradicted by many reputable doctors who unequivocally state that intentional abortion (the act of intentionally killing a preborn child) is NEVER medically necessary.
  3. Oklahoma law protects children conceived in rape. The AG’s memo directs law enforcement to use their resources to capturing and prosecuting the rapist, NOT killing the preborn child.
  4. Oklahoma prohibits aiding an abetting the commission of an abortion, just like the law commonly prohibits aiding and abetting in any other violent or serious offense. The AG’s letter suggests that law enforcement differentiate advocacy, which might be constitutionally protected free speech, with actual and immediate aid to commit an abortion.
  5. Lastly, the Oklahoma AG instructs law enforcement that seeking civil remedies allowed by law are the responsibility of the public not of law enforcement.

In response to the well reasoned and nuanced explanation from the AG, Mr. O’Connor has faced a barrage of attacks from mainstream media sources.

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