Ohio: Heartless Heartland

The heartland of America embodies the American Dream. America’s heartland is a place where hard work and virtuous living open up a world of opportunities to those willing to try. Until recently, it was also synonymous with a religious and moral people.

Yesterday, Ohio voted to enshrine unlimited abortion into its state constitution following the footsteps of Michigan along with most coastal states. Not surprisingly, Ohioans also embraced the legalization of recreational use of marijuana.

Urban vs. Rural America

The map of the vote along with some exit polling paints a pretty clear picture of what happened: the urban and suburban areas along with one rural county where Ohio University is based overwhelmingly chose to legalize child sacrifice, while the rural areas of Ohio chose life.

Younger vs. Older Americans

The other demographic which explains the victory of abortion in Ohio is the vote according to age. The only age group that voted against abortion was the 65 and over group. Every other group voted in larger numbers, with the group of millennials and younger being the most pro-abortion of all.

Ready for a Wave of Pro-Abortion Campaigns?

A family member who wakes up very very early to go to work texted me to lament the results of the campaign in Virginia. His read, which will surely be similar to the interpretation of the media, was that Republicans can not run on abortion and win elections.

But it may actually be much worse than that. Experienced pro-life observers of the Virginia race know that Glen Youngkin is no stalwart pro-life leader. In fact, Virginia Republicans have done little to nothing on abortion for the last 20 years or so. While Republicans didn’t run on abortion, Democrats did, they ran millions of ads painting Republicans as pro-life extremists, while Republicans ran away from the issue. The result was a resounding defeat for Republicans in Virginia. Essentially, Democrats have neutered, pun intended, the Republican advantage gained by the egregious handling of COVID and the assault on parental rights by Virginia’s public schools.

What this means for 2024 is that no matter how much Donald Trump or any other Republican wishes to run away from abortion, Democrats are going to go full hog on painting Republicans as anti-woman anti-abortionists. As a result, they will be looking to replicate their crushing victories in the usual categories, urban and suburban counties and younger voters and hope that is enough to carry them over the top even with a nation crumbling under the corrupt leadership of Joe Biden.

An Alternative Strategy is Needed

Pro-lifers do seem to like fighting with an arm tied behind their back. In one campaign after another, the physical evidence of abortion, the mangled and dismembered bodies of the children sacrificed at the altar of abortion are avoided like the plague.

These images are horrible. They will shock young children and adults alike. But consider the alternative. Consider a nation so calloused and heartless that it decides to enshrine the murder of the innocent child in the womb. Perhaps pro-life campaigns need to begin to show the truth of abortion, and not just on a corner somewhere, but on college campuses and most importantly on the airwaves.

My friend and mentor, Dan Becker, litigated a case before the federal courts to vindicate the right of pro-life political candidates to show graphic abortion images in their television advertisements. Like the images of the holocaust, these graphic representations of what the “right” to abortion is are necessary to soften the heart of the increasingly hard hearted Americans.

The horrific images of the holocaust have been the most powerful tool to fight holocaust denial, the question pro-lifers should be asking themselves before it is too late is, should the pro-life movement fully embrace the displaying of graphic abortion images on the airwaves with real campaign financing behind it, or will we allow the lies of the abortion industry to prevail?

Clearly, the messaging of compassion and care for women is no match for the full throated embrace of hedonism and the deceptive euphemisms which deny the brutal reality of abortion.

In 2024, citizens of nearly a dozen states will go to the ballots to vote on abortion. Ohio serves as quite possibly the last warning for pro-lifers to seriously revisit their strategy of trying to fight the evil of abortion with one hand tied behind their back.

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