Nobel Prize Awarded to French Pro-Abortion Author

Pro-abortion author Annie Ernaux has won the 2022 Nobel Prize for Literature.

The 2022 Nobel Prize for literature has been awarded to the French proto-woke author Annie Ernaux, who has advocated for abortion and radical feminism in her fictional and autobiographical work.

The selection of Ms. Ernaux is surely a well timed political message to American pro-lifers who recently celebrated the Dobbs v. Jackson decision which overturned the constitutional “right” to kill unborn children through abortion.

Pro-abortion groups were quick to celebrate and quote the radical feminist author’s statements on abortion.

In 2021, a movie adaptation of Ernaux’s novel about abortion, Happening, won the Venice Film Festival. The movie cost 5.2 million and grossed a mere 1.5 million dollars worldwide. In the film, a young college student in conservative France becomes pregnant and decides to kill her unborn child in order to pursue her career. Throughout the movie, pregnancy and motherhood are treated as illnesses that destroy women’s future, ignoring the reality that untold millions of women chose not to kill their children and are able to pursue their dreams while being mothers.

Anne Duchesne: I wasn’t able to study, now I am.

Professeur Bornec: Were you ill?

Anne Duchesne: The kind of illness that strikes only women and turns them into housewives.

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