Nationwide Protest Against CVS and Walgreens Planned for Feb. 4th

There is a growing uproar over the decision by America’s largest pharmacies to begin selling chemical abortion drugs that will kill children in the womb.

A petition by Citizen Go and the Personhood Alliance is close to reaching 20,000 signers as of the writing of this story; another one by the Family Research Council has surpassed 50,000 signatures.

Citizen Go Personhood Alliance Petition
Click on the picture above to be taken to the petition.

Protest at Walgreen’s Annual Shareholders Meeting

Yesterday, a group of protesters went to Newport Coast in California to protest the decision by the pharmacy retail chain to begin profiting form the sale of chemicals that kill children before birth.

As covered by American ProLifer previously, this year, the Biden administration authorized general pharmacies like Walgreens to distribute the abortion pill, which is prescribed to kill children in the womb up to ten weeks in gestation. The pills are often used to kill children much later in gestation and have been shown to drastically increase complications for the mothers who usually end up delivering a dead baby on their own at home.

LiveAction, a group founded by Lila Rose was present at the shareholders meeting, along with the group’s founder. Over 100 protesters lined the streets outside the resort where the Walgreen shareholders held their annual meeting.

Although there were no acts of violence, Reuters reported on a statement from Walgreens accusing pro-life protesters of breaking “into the room where Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc held its annual shareholders meeting in Newport Coast, California on Thursday for its decision to start selling abortion pills.”

Protests at Walgreens and CVS’ around the country planned for February 4

The website is organizing the protests which will take place around the country on Saturday, February 4th.

Pro-lifers will coalesce in states around the country to call attention to the neighborhood pharmacy chains’ decision to forego their mission of providing real medicines and instead begin to traffic in abortion pills.

To join a protests please visit the website and join an existing protest at a location near you, if there isn’t one, there is an easy way to host your own local protest.

If you need a sign you can visit the Personhood Alliance’s website and download an image and print out your sign, or you can request one from the website.

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