Mississippi Abortion Ban Clears Last Hurdle Will Take Effect Thursday

Mississippi abortion ban will take effect Thursday July 7, 2022
Mississippi abortion ban will take effect Thursday July 7, 2022

A last ditch effort by the Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization failed to convince a local Mississippi judge to stop Mississippi’s abortion ban. The abortionists, who lost the recent Dobbs case at the United States Supreme Court, were handed another legal defeat when Judge Halford ruled that a previous Mississippi Supreme Court opinion from 1998, Pro Choice Mississippi vs. Fordice, relied on Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey, and was therefore no longer good law.

The legal reasoning relied upon by Judge Halford to invalidate Mississippi’s judicially created “right” to abortion will be critically important in states where liberal state supreme courts used Roe and Casey as guiding precedents to “discover” a right to abortion under their state constitutions.

The eight page Order from Judge Halford can be read in its entirety HERE

Since Roe and Casey are no longer the law of the land, reliance upon Fordice will almost certainly not be well founded when pursuing this case at the Supreme Court. When Considering Fordice in the light of Roe, Casey and Dobbs, it is more than doubtful that the Mississippi Supreme Court will continue to uphold Fordice.

Order of Judge Halford

The hearing where Judge Halford listened to the abortionist’s case was, as is always the case in her court, started with a voluntary prayer with a guest pastor.

In a diabolical irony, Abortion clinic operators told WAPT Channel 16 that “they have been working to open ‘The Pink House West’ in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The town was named, “Las Cruces,” after three crosses which were once located just north of the town.

Mississippi’s Attorney General, Lynn Fitch, who aggressively argued for a complete overruling of Roe v Wade, has now launched a campaign in Mississippi to “Empower Women and Protect Life” turning the resources of the state away from killing children before birth and instead using those resources to support women and families to create a culture of life.

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