Millennial Leftists Attempt to Re-Write the Chilean Constitution

On Sunday, September 4, the people of Chile will vote on a woke constitution demanded by Soros-funded NGO’s and street thugs. If this sounds like an exaggeration, be assured that it isn’t.

Of course, this is not how the marxist press is describing it. For them, Sunday’s vote on a new constitution is the result of a democratic process and signifies a rejection of the “Pinochet” constitution.

Origins of the Constitutional Convention

In 2019, the transit authorities in Chile increased metro fares by a very small amount. As a result of this seemingly innocuous move, a well funded and highly coordinated series of violent protests erupted in the capital. The press called it “unrest”, but this was truly an insurrection, or more accurately yet, a revolution.

Churches were burned up and down the Andean nation, businesses were looted in the capital city and in the rural areas, and the safety and security of the entire nation was threatened.

Then, just one year later, these “mostly peaceful protesters” celebrated the one-year anniversary of the 2019 protests by killing more than 30 people, and, you guessed it, burning more churches.

The center right government of President Sebastian Piñera attempted to placate the mob, first by calling for social “reforms”, meaning socialist welfare policies, and then by giving in to the demands of the hard left calling for a constitutional convention and general elections.

The revolution would continue straight into the presidential elections in December of 2021 when a representative of the leftist mob, 35 year old law school dropout Gabriel Boric, defeated conservative Jose Antonio Kast by 56% to 44%.

Cementing Marxist Power

For the past 40 years, Chile has been the most prosperous and stable democracy in Latin America. At the end of Augusto Pinochet’s sometimes violent dictatorship, a constitution was commissioned by the government to transition the nation to democracy. The constitution safeguarded free-market capitalist principles and conservative social mores, much to the chagrin of the rising left.

Under the leadership of socialist president Michele Bachelet the left would erode much of the constitution’s conservative social mores, legalizing abortion and homosexual marriage.

But as in any functioning democracy, power in Chile alternated between the political left and the political right.

This was not acceptable to the Soros-funded NGO’s and the Cuban funded leftists mob, so they decided to follow the example of Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia which all created new constitutions to attempt to keep the radical left in power; the mob demanded a new constitution in Chile. Tomorrow we will see if they get their wish.

What is in the Constitution

If approved, the new constitution will introduce changes to the social, political and economic core of the Chilean nation.

Abortion will become a constitutional right of the highest order, while “nature” will be given personhood rights.

Universal healthcare will be mandated, but doctors will be forced to kill their unborn patients and euthanize the elderly with no right to conscientious objection.

Gender ideology will be required to be taught in schools, in other words, children will be indoctrinated and assaulted with life-destroying sexual propaganda from an early age.

On the economic front, the new constitution will eliminate all of the free market economic reforms that led Chile to the forefront of Latin America in productivity and efficiency and will replace it with central government regulated industry.

Like our own leftists in North America have done with the “inflation reduction act”, the Chilean constitution will cause Chile to dive headlong into the battle against climate change, ensuring the economy crashes and burns chasing this leftist ghost.

The constitution will also require Chile to have gender parity in all labor markets, which means that better qualified men will be turned down in order to have 50% of the labor force in any particular industry be female.

On the political front, the new constitution will eliminate the Senate as an unwanted check on popular will. It will also divide the country up into semi-autonomous regions emphasizing indigenous rights over national unity.

Marxism From Mexico to Argentina

With the exceptions of El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador and Paraguay, Latin America is about to be dominated by the radical left. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) in Mexico, Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, newly elected guerrilla fighter Gustavo Petro in Colombia, Evo Morales’ socialist protege Luis Arce in Bolivia, nativist marxist Pedro Castillo in Peru, Kirchner protege Alberto Fernandez in Argentina, and of course newly elected street protest leader Gabriel Boric in Chile.

This leftist block marches in lockstep when it comes to abortion, radical gender insanity, anti-capitalism, and of course anti-Christianity. Most of these leaders tolerate and some were even educated in liberation theology, a pseudo-Catholic philosophical movement that sough to re-make Catholicism in the image and likeness of marxist ideology. Unfortunately Pope Francis seems to have no problem with this leftward lurch and has not only remained mum about the disastrous impact their policies will have on the faithful, but in many cases as in Bolivia, has given cover to the radical leftist governments.

Some Good News

The only good news in this leftist lurch is that the Chilean constitution is actually polling about 10% away from the necessary 50% for approval. Nevertheless, radical leftists have never allowed a vote to change the course of history as they wish it, and it is highly likely that with one of their own in the presidency, chilean rioters will take to the streets and force their way if the vote does not favor them.

Elsewhere in Latin America, Brazil will have a presidential election in one month where the leftist ex-president who was incarcerated for corruption is polling well ahead of the much maligned populist conservative Jair Bolsonaro.

Time will tell the political future of Latin America, but at this time the forecast is very cloudy with a chance of apocalyptic leftist hegemony.

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