Michigan State Police Delay FOIA Response on the Shooting of Pro-Life Canvasser Until After the November Elections

Michigan State Police Delay FOIA Response on the Shooting of Pro-Life Canvasser Until After the November Elections
Richard Harvey is accused of shooting Joan Jacobsen

On October 21st, 2022, The American ProLifer filed a FOIA request with the Michigan State Police asking for communications between the Michigan State Police and the office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer or the Attorney General in relation to the case of Richard Harvey.

American ProLifer is investigating whether the fact that Mr. Harvey is pro-abortion (at a time when the state is voting on a pro-abortion constitutional amendment) and a donor to current Governor Whitmer had anything to do with the long delay in his arrest and with the leniency of the charges against him.

Today, The American ProLifer received a communication from the Michigan State Police stating that the deadline to answer the FOIA request would be extended by ten days, from November 6th to November 16th.

In order to determine the extent of any responsive records, we are extending the time for responding to your request by ten
(10) business days, as permitted under MCL 15.235, Section 5(2)(d).  Therefore, a written notice will be issued to you on or before 11/16/2022.
FOIA Records Resource Section of the Michigan State Police

Mr. Harvey is accused of shooting 84 year old pro-life canvasser, Joane Jacobsen on September 20th while she was going door to door canvassing against Michigan’s pro-abortion constitutional amendment.

Amazingly, the police did not immediately arrest Mr. Harvey, even though his wife informed a 911 operator that he had fired two shots, the second hitting Joane Jacobson near the neck.

It took ten days and a local TV crew airing an interview with Mr. Harvey in which he confessed on the air to shooting Ms. Jacobsen for the police to issue a warrant for his arrest.

Unlike the SWAT-like arrests carried out by the FBI against peaceful pro-life protesters, the Michigan State Police allowed Mr. Harvey to turn himself in and charged him only with relatively minor offenses.

At his arraignment hearing the local judge questioned the leniency of the charges.

The court could ask why there isn’t a felony firearm charge as well, but that’s not my business … It’s clear to me that Mr. Harvey did fire a warning shot to send a message to Ms. Jacobsen, and then he also shot her. Thankfully he didn’t kill or paralyze her considering how close it was to her spine. We’re lucky that no one was more seriously hurt.

Michigan Circuit Court Judge Raymond Voet

Equal Justice?

The highly lenient and delayed charges against Richard Harvey contrast with the immediate and severe charges against the deranged attacker to broke into and assaulted Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi.

In the case of the democratic politician’s husband, the assailant was immediately arrested and charged with attempted homicide and other serious felonies.

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