Michigan Man Who Shot a Pro-Life Grandma Sentenced to Community Service

Last fall, a pro-life grandmother campaigning against abortion in Michigan was shot by a leftist man while canvassing door to door. This week, a state Judge in Michigan handed down a suspended jail sentence and community service for the man who shot her.

The slap on the wrist is a notable difference to the extreme prosecution by federal authorities of peaceful pro-lifers protesting outside of abortion clinics. American Pro-Lifer has covered those abuses of power against pro-lifers extensively.

Joan Jacobson, a retired nurse, was distributing literature opposing Proposal 3, which legalized abortions up to birth in the state, in Lake Odessa, Michigan. Soon after arriving at their door, Sharon Harvey, a radical leftist married to Richard Harvey started berating and yelling at the 84 year old pro-lifer, who attempted to talk about the amendment with the irate women. This led to Richard Harvey, Sharon’s husband, approaching Jacobson with a gun and shooting her as she attempted to leave their property.

Although Harvey admitted to firing a warning shot before shooting the elderly woman, he claimed it was an accident. Jacobson and her attorney strongly refute this, asserting that Richard Harvey had already fired a warning shot and that Jacobson had turned away to leave the property in her vehicle.

The full details of the encounter can be read here:

Shockingly, Harvey, who entered a plea of no contest to the charges against him, will only face community service as his punishment.

Interestingly, the judge that handed down the extremely lenient sentence, Judge Suzanne Hoseth Kreeger, appears to have only donated to Republican candidates in the past and might even be pro-life herself, having donated to a committee opposed to state funded embryo destructive research in the 2000’s.

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