Meet Kristen Clarke, the DOJ Official Behind the Pro-Life Arrests

Kristen Clarke

Kristen Clarke oversees investigations of potential FACE Act violations at the Department of Justice.

These FACE Act charges have resulted in the FBI leading military style raids on peaceful pro-life activists including Mark Houck and Paul Vaughn. Clarke is the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, which makes her the top DOJ official dealing with pro-lifers charged under the FACE Act.

Ms. Clarke is also the person who would be responsible for ignoring the over 200 Catholic Churches and nearly 100 pregnancy resource centers that have been attacked.

Senator Cruz Warned Us

During her confirmation hearing, Senator Ted Cruz warned the American people that this radical BLM racist posing as a civil rights activist was “completely unfit to serve.”

Kristen Clarke is one of the most radical nominees ever put forward for any position in the federal government, and today Democrats have voted to give her a top position at the Department of Justice. Let me be clear: Kristen Clarke is completely unfit to serve as Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. Not only has she made her disgust for law enforcement clear by her repeated calls to defund the police, she has a history of not only excusing, but celebrating criminals who have murdered police officers. What are police officers across the country supposed to think about Democrats elevating someone to a senior position at the Department of Justice knowing that she has celebrated a brutal cop killer?

“The Department of Justice has a long history of being apolitical, of exercising fidelity to the law, of not using the law as a partisan weapon to target enemies of whatever administration is in power. The Obama-Biden administration corrupted that practice, and now the Biden-Harris administration is continuing that pattern. I believe appointees to the Department of Justice should have a demonstrated record of fidelity to the law, impartiality, and the ability to defend the law. Kristen Clarke does not.

Senator Ted Cruz, Statement of Senate Confirmation of Kristen Clarke
Senator Cruz opposing Kristen Clarke nomination to top DOJ position.

Vocal Critic of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

If anyone is wondering why the DOJ (FBI) has not made a single arrest for the attacks on over 200 Catholic churches and 83 pregnancy resource centers since 2020, one need look no further than what Ms. Clarke had to say about pregnancy resource centers on her Twitter account.

In 2018, after a Supreme Court decision ruled in favor of pregnancy resource centers, Clarke stated that the centers were “harmful” and “predatory” against women of color. Retweating a Planned Parenthood message she parroted the abortion corporation’s criticism of pregnancy resource centers with the hashtag, “ExposeFakeClinics.” 

Ms. Clarke, whose bread and butter seems to be to racialize everything and anything, made the astonishing claim that pregnancy resource centers, which serve needy mothers, regardless of race, was “harmful” and “targeted” women of color.

Harsh Critic of Supreme Court Justice Barrett

During the Senate confirmation hearings, Kristen Clarke was one of the witnesses for Democratic senators opposed to the nomination of Justice Barrett.

While her testimony before the Senate was intellectually dishonest and partisan, she was at least civil. However, once she was freely speaking her mind on Twitter, she showed a different tone altogether.

Proponent of Eliminating Voter Integrity Laws

Kristen Clarke has been one of the leading voices in the longstanding Democrat campaign to equate voter integrity laws with racial discrimination.

Advocated for Big Tech to Ban President Trump

Ancillary to her penchant for leftist causes, Ms. Clarke was of course cheerleading on Big Tech to deny the President of the United States the right to speak his mind on social media.

With someone in charge of the Civil Rights Office at the Department of Justice it is no surprise that America’s inner cities are in a homicidal death spiral while peaceful pro-lifers are being persecuted.

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