Colorado Abortionist Demands Public Funding of Abortion

Logan Harper, M.D. floats the idea of public funding for abortion in Colorado

Not safe, not legal, not rare. A local Colorado Doctor has written an OpEd demanding that taxpayers be made to pay for the killing of unborn children.

As a resident family physician in Denver, I am unable to provide abortion care in my clinic due to a 1984 state constitutional amendment that prohibits the use of public funds for abortion. This law limits access to essential reproductive healthcare and disproportionately affects poor, rural, Black, Indigenous, and Latino people across Colorado.

Logan Harper, M.D.

Dr. Harper goes on to say in his article, “Currently, my colleagues and I are forced to refer patients to other clinics with potentially long waiting lists for a service that is safe and well within the skillset of many primary care providers.”

It would be interesting to know Dr. Harper’s opinion on the safety of abortions as we continue to see an ambulance taking away women who have been hurt in the process of the “abortion procedure” aka murdering the unborn child at these abortion clinics?

A woman being taken away in an ambulance from Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

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