Louisiana Pulls Funds From New Orleans for Defying Pro-Life Laws

Louisiana Bond Commission pulls funding for pro-abortion New Orleans.
Louisiana Bond Commission pulls funding for pro-abortion New Orleans.

When New Orlean’s City Council and law enforcement officials from the Chief of Police to the District Attorneys refused to enforce the Bayou States’ pro-life laws, the state’s treasurer and bond commission decided to withhold funding for several projects.

The Bond Commission is the state agency that distributes state loans and grants to local municipalities.

On Thursday, the Bond Commission followed through and voted to deny $39 Million dollars from New Orleans until their officials cease defying the pro-life laws and constitution of Louisiana.

New Orleans Mayor, LaToya Cantrell vowed to create an abortion “safe haven” in the Big Easy.

Local news media, which almost always aligns with the big city liberal interests, criticized the withholding of funds calling the action “a petty political gesture.”

However, the withholding of funds is a very common way to compel enforcement of the law. In fact President Biden’s Executive Order on abortion threatens to withhold Medicare funding from hospitals that do not commit abortions according to the Executive Order’s standards.

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