Louisiana Abortion Ban Back in Effect

Louisiana's abortion ban is back in effect after a victory in a local district court.
Louisiana Jeff Landry explains victory in court

Just days after the historic Dobbs decision overturned Roe and Casey, the nation’s most extreme abortion advocacy group filed a court case to try to prevent Louisiana’s trigger law from taking effect.

Initially, the supreme court of Louisiana issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) that effectively stopped enforcement until the trial level court made necessary determinations. The initial victory drew jubilation from that radical pro-abortion law firm.

But it seems their celebration was premature as Attorney General Jeff Landry kept the promise he made on June 24th to vigorously defend Louisiana’s pro-life laws.

On Friday, the district judge reinstated the state’s trigger ban handing the Attorney General, and the people of Louisiana a decisive but still early victory.

Please come back to often as we continue to report on these developing court cases in Louisiana and throughout the nation.

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