Jessica Chastain: The Ugly Face of Hollywood Culture

On the 4th of July, Hollywood actress, Jessica Chastain joined a chorus of Hollywood actresses showing disdain for America’s birthday, sending a message to American ProLifers through her Twitter account.

Jessica Chastain flips the bird to the right to life.

In abortion-speak, “reproductive rights” means the “right” to kill one’s own offspring as a way to avoid reproduction. Like many aggressive pro-aborts, Ms. Chastain is probably post-abortive and is lashing out and justifying her past actions with vulgarity.

Interestingly, Ms. Chastain had children through surrogacy, a growing trend among celebrities who want to avoid pregnancy.

Obianuju Ekeocha, an African ProLife activist remarked upon the dark irony that Ms. Chastain could entrust the carrying of her own child to another woman while maintaining the right of women to kill children in the womb. Would Ms. Chastain have been in favor of the “reproductive rights” of the surrogate she hired to carry her baby?

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