Indiana Legislature to Propose Abortion “Ban” With Exceptions

22 week premature baby

Currently in Indiana pre-born babies can be dismembered and disposed of as medical waste up until 22 weeks for any reason, and until birth if a flimsy health reason can be given.

Now, a special session of the Indiana legislature is underway to consider passing a partial abortion “ban” that includes exceptions for rape, incest, fetal disability and physical health and life of the mother.

Indiana is the first state to convene its legislature to consider passing restrictions on abortion after the United States Supreme Court determined that abortion is not a constitutional right.

Vice President Kamala Harris landed in Indiana aboard Air Force 2 to lobby Indiana’s legislators to continue allowing abortions in the Hoosier State.

Indiana law currently allows abortion into the third trimester.

Indiana lawmakers have through August 14 to pass a law and they boast of majorities in both chambers, however pro-abortion Democrats can use different legislative maneuvers to make the process of protecting the unborn more difficult.

National pressure from the overwhelmingly liberal media and from pro-abortion activists is not likely to deter the Republican majorities in the Hoosier state, however, the legislation being proposed is itself not satisfactory to pro-lifers who believe the bill does not grant equal protection to the child in the womb but instead creates exceptions that can and will be exploited by pro-abortion activists.

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